Musicians Visual Artists

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In my record collections.

  1. William Alwyn

    He made several painted portraits of Mary Alwyn, his second wife.

  2. Bülent Arel

    Also a sculptor and a painter.

  3. Louis Armstrong

    He used tape cases for his collages, now collected in this book.

  4. Daniel Ash

    His artwork appears on the covers of Mask (1981) and The Sky's Gone Out (1982).

  5. Henk Badings

    During the 30s, in his spare time, he sculpted, painted, and composed music and poetry, as stated on booklet 3 included in the box Popular Electronics: Early Dutch Electronic Music From Philips Research Laboratories (1956 - 1963).

  6. Paul Bowles

    His photographs are collected in this book (ed. Scalo, 1994).

  7. Peter Brötzmann

    Designed Machine Gun and many other record covers.

  8. Sylvano Bussotti

    Besides music, he pursues other disciplines including painting and graphic art. Some of his scores are visual works on their own.

  9. Ornette Coleman

    His artwork appears on the cover of The Empty Foxhole (1966).