Musicians Who Are Also Visual Artists (& vice versa)

By soulchap
updated 11 months ago

Some make record covers. Some make visual art and/or design. Some are sound artists or environmental scenarists. Some are also musicians, among other talents.

julass's list is incredibly useful: Visual Artists (link no longer working - please bring it back!)

eusebius also has a fine list; check it here.

Bili-Rubin has an excellent list of records made by visual artists, here.

french_75's list of illustrators is also pretty darn great: here.

Thanks to elchicofritto for his help, especially with the ones I'd never heard of :•)

  1. Collagist

  2. Woodsist

  3. Collagist

  4. Filmmaker, writer, etc.

  5. Cartoonist

  6. Sculptor

  7. Watercolorist

  8. Collagist

  9. Nightpeople

  10. Sculptor

  11. Collagist

  12. Illustrator, calligrapher

  13. Painter, collagist

  14. I like his visual art better than his music :•[

  15. Illustrator, graphics

  16. Illustrator

  17. Ghost Box

  18. Constellation