My 100 Best Live Gigs

By expensivebeingpunk expensivebeingpunk
updated 3 months ago

I've seen well over 500 bands live over the last 35 years (or so) and many bands several times; many from the 80's I can't remember properly or at all. Anyway, these are my 100 favourite live shows.

  1. The B-52's


  2. Angelic Upstarts

    Having seen them a good dozen of times, it would be rather difficult to decide which one was my favourite show. Trying to narrow it down, it would be between one at Rebellion Festival (Blackpool) at the outdoor stage, at The Great Alternative Music Festival at Butlins, Skegness, at Punk Xmas, Leeds, Brudenell and another one at same place (part of a tour) and maybe one at Punk & Disorderly in Berlin. Never seen a bad show of Mensi & Co.

  3. 9