My Favourite Neofolk Albums

By satyrnik satyrnik
updated over 7 years ago

  1. Argine - Luctamina In Rebus

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    The music is beautifully written and very moving and Carmen D'Onofrio who sings the bulk of the vocals is perfect in every sense of the word.

  2. Cawatana - Struggle For Wisdom

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    I like latter day Cawatana and I like Larrnakh as well, but nothing compares to this album when Sörös Gergö & Kiss Balázs were together in Cawatana. The best of both worlds...

  3. Current 93 - Thunder Perfect Mind

    My favourite Current 93 album of all time, a perfect balance of all David's obsessions and themes played out in flawless harmony. Assisted by many musicians from my favorite bands of the time (Douglas P., Rose, John Balance, Steven Stapleton and too many others to list)

  4. Current 93 - Earth Covers Earth

    This album brings back so many memories... And along with a couple Death in June albums is definitely a influence on the whole style that came to be known as Neofolk. Also graced by the presence of Rose as many of the Industrial/Neofolk albums of this period were.

  5. Darkwood - Ins Dunkle Land

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    A great band and in my opinion their best album to date!

  6. Death In June - Brown Book

    Another landmark album... and with the exquisite Rose McDowall. Runes and Men is another favorite Song: Listening to it takes me to a very nostalgic and melancholy place...

  7. Death In June - But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?

    When I first heard this I thought "They sure have gotten mellow!" (I would have been really surprised by Rule of Thirds and Peaceful Snow!!) Listening to this album always stirs a deep-well of emotion up in me; especially Hollows of Devotion which is quite possibly my favorite DIJ song of all time.

  8. Eltan Renaxy - Weird Ballads In My Town

    4 For Sale from $6.66

    A rather odd album; I was hooked the second I heard it. Just about anything Baishui does is great.

  9. Empyrium - Where At Night The Wood Grouse Plays

    The wood at night... A perfect description of the music contained within.

  10. Empyrium - Weiland

    Add some mens choirs to 'Where At Night The Wood Grouse Plays' and make the music even more evocative (is that possible?) and you have Weiland. Amazing...

  11. Faun - Totem

    Tribal, Pagan Folk-Rock at its best! And my favorite album of theirs.

  12. Fire + Ice - Rûna

    I could have as easily picked 'Seasons of Ice' (a best-of of sorts), both albums bring the spirit of the Runes alive within me and I absolutely love Ian's writing and voice..

  13. :Golgatha: - Tales Of Transgression And Sacrifice

    19 For Sale from $3.93

    I could have as easily picked Sang Graal as well and I suspect the next album (Horns of Joy) will even be better, but either way they are all great; original and well-done. :Golgotha: Is a bright star in the future of the genre.

  14. Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat - An Interlude To The Outermost

    2 For Sale from $14.99

    Another album that had me hooked the second I heard it, and you gotta love their name!

  15. Moon Far Away - Minnesang

    An album that crosses many styles/genres, really well done better with each listen.

  16. The Mystery School - The Mystery School

    16 For Sale from $2.00

    Carlos has an great voice and writes about things that interest me. I find the album both catchy and complex, also includes Matt and Jane Howden; and as with everything Matt plays violin in is absolutely amazing

  17. Nature And Organisation - Beauty Reaps The Blood Of Solitude

    10 For Sale from $22.36

    Every song is exquisite perfection and includes many of the best of the genre helping out: David Tibet, Douglas P., Rose McDowall and of course band creator and composer Michael Cashmore.

  18. Neither/Neither World - Alive With The Taste Of Hell

    7 For Sale from $7.85

    wicked, Wicked, WICKED! I love Wendy (she does her best evil little girl singing here) and this album is some great wicked neofolk. Sweet soft melodies hangin' with Satan.

  19. Neutral (2) - Serpents In The Dawn

    Wow, this album is so beautiful and emotional... Very well written and Ash has the coolest voice ever...

  20. :Of The Wand & The Moon: - Sonnenheim

    Barren and beautiful is how I like to describe :Of The Wand And The Moon: and this album is my favorite to-date.

  21. Orchis - A Thousand Winters

    Psychedelic, Pagan folk and sometimes a bit experimental. I LOVE Jennet, such a cool song; it reminds me of the Wicker Man...

  22. Orplid - Sterbender Satyr

    I AM a sad Satyr; so of course I absolutely love this album.

  23. Outofsight - Vodka Likes Smoke (The Damned Poets)

    7 For Sale from $6.65

    Dare I call it pop folk? I don't know what it is, but I do know I love it!

  24. Ритуальный Фронт* - Излучения

    12 For Sale from $5.62

    One of Ritual Front's most well-produced albums. Some may say they lost their edge, but I find this album haunting and beautiful.