My Italo faves

By mccabjo mccabjo
updated over 3 years ago

Growing up in England in the 80s, I was a fan of electronic music such as OMD, Talk Talk, Human League, etc, however Italo rarely penetrated the English charts and it wasn't until 2003 that I discovered there was a whole genre of music out there that my teenage listening had only hinted at. I clearly remember finding a track on a dodgy file-sharing service that was a medley of Fancy "Slice Me Nice", something by Modern Talking, and the glorious piece of music that is Fun Fun "Colour My Love". My Amazon history shows a purchase of "The Best of Fun Fun" and a box set called "Italo Dance Classics" on 19th August 2003. From then on I was hooked and, looking back, I'm jealous of my younger self excitedly embarking on that long journey of Italo discovery that is still continuing today.

It's always going to be somewhat arbitrary compiling a list of 50 favourite Italo tracks - the list could easily vary from month to month as it's only a snapshot of my feelings at a point in time. Only tracks which have been labelled as Italo Disco in the Discogs database have been considered - I'm assuming that the Discogs hive mind is more knowledgeable on the subject than I am. As to the purpose of the list - apart from making me realise just how many dozens of Italo tracks I really like, it may be helpful to someone who has similar taste in music to me but has not yet discovered some of these songs. I've found lots of great stuff by looking through lists, scanning forums, and trying out YouTube recommendations, so here's hoping that this list can do likewise for someone else.

  1. Albert One - Turbo Diesel

    Also "For Your Love"

  2. Amaya - Sensation

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    Also "Car Crash"

  3. Diux - Comet

    3 For Sale from $272.73

  4. Fun Fun - Color My Love

    Also "Living In Japan", "Give Me Your Love", "Baila Bolero