My Top 10 Female Singers

By JasonBond JasonBond
updated over 6 years ago

Favourite Female Singers of all time

  1. Kylie Minogue

    Without a doubt my favourite female singer of all time

  2. Mylène Farmer

    A close 2nd to Kylie

  3. Britney Spears

    Britney is at an impressive Number 3 in my Top 10!! and probably the only one who could end up at number 1 one day

  4. Madonna

    Until 2000 (Kylie's Light Years Album) clearly my number one and since Mylène's last 4 Albums are all Masterpieces and the arrival of Britney Spears, Madonna slides down to Number 4

  5. Sophie Ellis-Bextor

    With each new release she went up in my Top 10 list, now on number 5

  6. 6



    My favourite female Artist of the 80's, her 00's records are all perfect but her true Masterpiece is the 2012 Album Stay In Touch, it can't get any better

  7. Gloria Estefan

    Gloria! Without her I would have danced a lot less in my life. From Miami Sound Machine to her last Album Miss Little Havanna she has never let me down

  8. Kim Wilde

    Kim Wilde will always have a place in my heart, thank God for her fantastic comeback in 2006 and her fabulous records ever since then

  9. Janet Jackson

    Number 9, her last Album which was her Masterpiece is now 6 years old, time for a new one dear Janet

  10. Kate Ryan

    An unlikely candidate for my Top 10 list, but here she is nonetheless, with each record she got better and she is very productive and one of my favourite female singers nowadays

  11. Barbra Streisand

    Could Should Would be Number 1 without the shadow of a doubt, but she is too special to put her into a Top 10 full of Queens of Pop, so here she is as the SPECIAL ONE