My Ultimate 1988 - 1989 Warehouse Party List

By 8892sales
updated 6 days ago

Music spanning throughout the 1980s played at underground music venues during 1st January 1988 until 31st December 1989.

These are the tunes which had an impact on me during the early warehouse party years. 1988-1989. But feature tracks prior to any of the Summers Of Love which would have been played up to that point including Classic Electro.

NOTE: This is MY preferred and very biased take on what I would ideally want to be played at 1988-1989 warehouse parties at one time or another, not other people's. If anyone thinks there are tunes which are missing, well tough, they're my choices. Don't take it personally :)

This list includes all tracks that I would expect to be played in a dream scenario weekend (or week!) of partying and is competely biased and personal. Those years were generally quite eclectic but my preference would be to not include as much music that the balearic scene was experiencing but more of a hardcore acid house ted would have danced to :)

  1. 20 For Sale from $30.00

    Every single tune is a winner.

    Although this is a behemoth of a classic. This record was mainly played during the initial days of the Acid House explosion. In the more discerning clubs of 1988. And in 1987. Should've been played more in 1989 as well.

    So although this record is regarded an eternal all time Acid House classic. I think it wasn't played NEARLY ENOUGH back in the day.

  2. 13 For Sale from $8.00

    Obligatory warehouse classic.

    Jacking to the maximum.

  3. 7 For Sale from $18.48

    B1 Slam! And B2 Spank-Spank

    Slam! Really is the one for me though...

  4. 20 For Sale from $7.99

    Deep robotic voice ... We are the creaTOR of acid music and We're Back !

    BASSLINE ...

    Jack your arse (ass) off time!

  5. ! The Poke ! (The After Poke Mix)

    OLD BILL !!!

    "House music" sounds like old bill, yes it does.

  6. I really do like this one. Work My Body (Remix)

    It gets down to the heart of what hardcore jacking Chicago acid house with a massive techno punch is about. Back then you had garagey stuff, the smoother soulful house stuff, deep house which varied from mellow and soulful to darker house crossing over to techno, italo, the more abstract minimal tracks, the well known acid tunes and then THIS! So underrated. For back then this was hardcore. Raw, percussive, jacking, hard, ominous, techy. But not in that early to mid '90s Dance Mania style Armani Trax, tracky, tracky, tracky, minimal, booty style which everyone seems to have imitated ever since. This had more of an old skool electro and early techno feel to it as well although I doubt very much the producers were thinking of those scenes whilst making it. Just happened to end up a happy accident.

    Cool J Trax is also a tune which brings back memories. I remember going to an unlicensed spot, if not illegal, somewhat clandestine. Approximately during late 1988 on an unusually mild evening. Somewhere in North East London/Essex borders - might have been Barkingside or Hainult, who knows? I really can't remember exactly. Maximum of 100 people tops, maybe less. The makeshift dance floor looked like a car park behind some old abandoned garages and containers with a marquee with a rather small canopy. Nearby was the edge of a wood. When the DJ playing, sod knows who he was but I think he was a hip hop DJ... dropped this and mashed it up with Mr Lee & Kompany 'Can You Feel It? Instrumental' twice! The crowd went nuts. Imprinted in my mind. In fact, it's the only thing I can remember of that party apart from waking up around a mate's house several hours later, shins and trainers covered in soot and tar for some reason.

  7. 23 For Sale from $3.26

    Bango Acid is an absolute beast.

    Cool J Trax (Rx)

    Hangover Trax is not acid house but straight house. Imitates the chords from Diana Ross Love Hangover, the faster disco breakdown section. But Kenny Jason and Fast Eddie already did the same one year earlier.

    It's all about the beastly Bango Acid and Cool J Trax Remix anyway.

  8. 23 For Sale from $6.00

    House .. House .. House .. House ..

    Let's House This House we got this Hardcore House!

  9. 94 For Sale from $3.26

    Some people view this as a commercial mainsteam release. If that's the case, then I wish all commercial releases sounded like this instead of the autotuned ckufing pseudo indie guitar pop crossed with cry baby whining trying to sound folksy R&B poppy grime UK garagey dubstep trap bounce emo dance 'electrohouse' shite kaka I currently have to put up with! Basically crappy poppy mainstream chart music which seems to have sounded the same for the last twenty five years !!!!

    Anyway. I don't recall ever hearing it being played on Top Of The Pops or any other similar chart show, I was probably oblivious to chart music at the time, can't remember. All I know is experiencing it at underground warehouse parties and being flabbergasted. Wasn't sure what to call it at the time. Acid House? Techno? Electro? All of the above? Who cares!!

    All I witnessed was untold jacking acid teds going absolutely bloody radio rental to it. Not for the Balearic Bods, Indie Bods or screaming piano divas either. Thank Fcku!

  10. 8 For Sale from $12.66

    B Man Machine (Automatik Elektronik)

    This is the release to have. Less vocal samples. Keeps it more underground. Uptempo driving Acid House / Techno.

    Doesn't the acid bassline sound similar to Frequency X - Hearing Things which came out a year later?

  11. July 1989 Biology. This is what this reminds me of. I loved dancing to this seriously funky, uplifting tune back then. With all my heart and lungs. Also, reminds me of the imprompto parties at Clapham Common all through that summer. That BASSLINE.

  12. Fast Eddie commonly known as mainly a Hip-House producer. One of the most famous in the field, probably closely tied with Tyree. But he also produced some of the best TB-303 Acid House for me. All the mixes are essential, Fast Thunder (Fast Eddie Mix) showcases the bassline in all its pure, raw glory. Mesmerising. You just know Pierre's Dream Girl (Wet Dream) is aching to be mixed in with this.

  13. The ''Ooh Yeah'' and ''Too Bad Sister'' style sampled vocals always seemed pointless for me. That aside. Some of the most earworm acid lines created back then. Jacking, funky, hard hitting. The infectious easy rap-a-long lyrics. Excellent percussion. For something raw with less lyrics, head straight to the Nightmare Mix. Hip Hop heads into conscious rap, boom-bap, blingers or gangster rap are probably not going to appreciate these type of lyrics. Neither the style or the content. But that's their problem. Hip Hop with attitude was never meant for the Warehouse scene :-)

    I Can Dance still has that early Warehouse vibe. Very electronic sounding. Lovely TR-909 drum programming. Drilling acid. 1980s Electro sounding synth lines. Super.

  14. 5 For Sale from $70.65

    Good tunes and all that but WELL overpriced. My Melody is altogether a more accomplished tune though.

  15. 9 For Sale from $13.03

    Not Acid House by the way. If we're being really specific, it's not really House music in the proper sense. Freestyle or Electro maybe? Very big tune back in the hedonistic days. The version without the crappy female vocal is the one to go for. The vocoder version is the best one.

    There are some people who are very ignorant as they were not into any underground music prior to Ibiza and the acid house craze. People into '80s Electro know the score. It's funny how all this music which came before House and was played at Warehouse parties in 1988/89 they lump under Acid House or House? Might as well call Hip hop and Soul and Reggae ''Acid House'' because some DJs included in their sets. These people renamed the styles and want to rewrite history. Ridiculous.

  16. 4 For Sale from $18.00

    Also included in the 1990 list as it was more widely available through its Warp Records/Outer Rhythm re-release / distribution / general release. Big tune.

  17. Track With No Name

    Summer 1989 pirate radio and warehouse, underground classic. This sounded so good on a big rig. The eerie choir synth, the glacial bleeps and heavy, gut churning, bounding spherical percussive bassline. Sounded so different for the times. Heralded the dark side and an uncanny futurism of the scene, at least partially.

  18. 92 For Sale from $0.51

    B1 Salsa House

    The original and best. 1988 stylee.

    P.S. I've heard some people call this Acid House. It most certainly is not Acid House. It's just straight up UK House music which happened to come out when Acid House was at its peak (in the UK). Don't know what these people were on who call it Acid but they must've been on some freaking strong stuff!

    If someone told me it was produced by someone from New York, I wouldn't have batted an eye at the time. For me it sounded like it was from the east coast of the US or perhaps Canada. The Silver On Black Remix Richie Rich - Salsa House from 1989 does sound a little more like a UK production though.

  19. 66 For Sale from $1.73

    A1 Salsa House (Silver On Black Remix)

    What an intro and bassline... Pure tingles.