My Ultimate 1990 Warehouse Party List

January 1st 1990 - 31st December 1990.

A work in progress. These are all the tracks or releases I would demand/hope to be played at a strictly 1990 classic warehouse party. No tracks prior or after 1990 are allowed!

1990 was a transitional year for the scene. I'm stating the obvious by saying, in retrospect, every year is transitional when you have the advantage of hindsight to look back on. But 1990 itself was really a transitional era.

Generally, the whole 1988 - 1993 period for the electronic music scene was mutating and changing exponentially and gathered speed moreso than what it has done since in my opinion. 1990 itself was kind of post acid house, sort of. Pre or proto hardcore if you like. Techno was coming to the fore more and more. Especially the Bass n Bleep style from Northern England.

The Belgians and the Dutch were also making major inroads with their harder, more punishing, no-nonsense techno sound, this was influenced by and mutated from the New Beat / Hard Beat sound which evolved earlier. Hip-House was still about on the scene but it was losing its flavour with most in the UK compared to the previous couple of years and taken over by a heavier sound. The break beats and the bass kick drums were getting busier, heavier, and more prominent incorporating the bleeps, the bass and the harder techno riffs from across the channel. Something a bit more energetic was churning up.

Lots of melting of styles originating from many places - US (NYC, Chicago, Detroit), Canada (Windsor and Toronto). UK (Manchester, Leeds, Bradford. Sheffield. >. London & southern England). Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Norway, Sweden all had their own take on the scene and their notable contributions. Both individually and collectively.

NOTE: This is MY preferred and very biased take on what I would ideally want to be played at 1990 parties at one time or another :)

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  1. 1
    Low Frequency Overload
    100 Hz
    28 copies from $3.69
    Originally released on White Label in the latter part of 1989 and was quite popular at the time. Became increasingly popular throughout 1990.

    There were a few people in our group that thought this was related to LFO from Leeds due to the initials of the words in the title.
  2. 2
    Outer Space
    The Neutral Zone
    Lots of playful, deep, mellow, soothing, bleep goodies.
  3. 3
    31 copies from $0.80
    The After Thought

    This was a pretty big pirate radio tune during late 1989 through 1990 and early 1991. Combining the funky breakbeat with an old school electro funk type bassline, techno leads and early house feel. Also an underground warehouse gem.

    Personally think it's seriously underrated.
  4. 4
    Mohamed's Mind
  5. 5
    Das Spiel
    24 copies from $10.64
  6. 6
    Hypnautic Beats
    22 copies from $12.76
    Quite a big Fantasy FM classic, from late 1989 to 1990.
  7. 7
    Die Kybernauten
    15 copies from $8.09
    All about this original version.
  8. 8
    Random Access (3)
    27 copies from $1.23
    Interceptor (Instrumental)

    The instrumental was a 1990 Fantasy FM classic. Shadowfax, Anton, DJ Krome, G-Force etc. The first time I'd heard this record being played was on Fantasy FM, DJ was Shadowfax. I think circa March 1990 amidst a whole load of other 'euro' techno style bangers. Could've been circulating a lot earlier though.
  9. 9
    Der Akt
    18 copies from $6.17
    Original Mix
  10. 10
    Voices Of Energy
    19 copies from $7.44
    DJ Hype on Fantasy 98.1FM used to scratch the hell out of this.
  11. 11
    The Bee
    The Scientist
    36 copies from $6.17
    The Bee (Original) / My First Memory (The First Memory)
  12. 12
    Beltram Vol. 1
    Joey Beltram
    Energy Flash
    Psycho Bass (Perhaps in a second room or pitched up in the main room) Very underrated gem in my opinion.

    Subsonic Trance

    Bah! Even Jazz 3033 sounds good in the mix. However basic it is. I'm not sure Jazz has anything to do with it though. Nothing sounds 'jazzy' about Jazz 3033
  13. 13
    The Trance
    Open Mind
    24 copies from $15.95
    All tracks.

    Entering the darkside.
  14. 14
    Hard Freestyle
    Rhythm Interface
    9 copies from $3.09
    Hard Freestyle (Hard Club) / (Hard Dub) / You Keep Holdin' Back

    Side A = Electro (Freestyle) Techno
    Side B = NYC / Freestyle House
  15. 15
    Inner Mind
    45 copies from $1.85
    Inner Mind (Freebass Mind) / (Bonus Mind)

    Because I like old school Electro influenced music probably more so than I've ever liked House Music, Side B is my personal preference.

    To make it even clearer, I've ALWAYS preferred Electro from Hip Hop as well by a very long way.
  16. 16
    The Demented Spirit
    The Octagon Man
    This is Electro. Not proto jungle suckers. Proto Jungle my BIG FAT ARSE!
  17. 17
    White Light / Anna Lies
    Secret Desire
    Electro influenced warehouse awe inspiring Techno on side A. Neurotic, hypnotic sounding Bleep Techno on side B.

    Both quality tunes.
  18. 18
    Original Mix With Notes

    Big, big, big tune. Expansive, gritty, rough, futuristic, heavy, dark, trippy, psychedelic, epic, dramatic, incessant. Bridges 1980s electro with the techno and rave scene with expertise.
  19. 19
    Subject: 13*
    Eternity (Spiritual Club Mix)

    Breakbeat Techno House.
  20. 20
    LFO (The Leeds Warehouse Mix)

    Track 4

    They're all good tracks, but the two mentioned are personal favourites on this release. The Leeds Warehouse Mix will always be an eternal classic.
  21. 21
    43 copies from $2.99
    Omen & Open Mind
  22. 22
    Sound Clash (Champion Sound)
    51 copies from $2.47
    Soundclash (Champion Sound) (Hypermix)

    All about the Hypermix I'm afraid. As there's so much more going on with depth. Much better drops and more solid sounding.
  23. 23
    Overload EP
    Altern 8
    Move My Body
    Depth Of Sound
    Return To Techno City
  24. 24
    Logical Progression
    Nexus 21
    Logical Progression
    Techno City
  25. 25
    12000 AD
    Mental Overdrive
    41 copies from $3.19
    What a release. There was nothing like it back then. Pushing the boundaries.

    Theme Of St. Baafs in particular is a personal favourite.
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