My Ultimate 1991 Warehouse Party List

January 1st 1991 - December 31st 1991.

A work in progress. These are all the tracks or releases I would demand/hope to be played at a strictly 1991 classic warehouse party. No tracks prior or after 1991 are allowed!


NOTE: This is MY preferred and very biased take on what I would ideally want to be played at 1991 warehouse parties at one time or another, not other people's. THIS IS NOT AN ULTIMATE OF EVERY RECORD RELEASED IN 1991. If anyone thinks there are tracks which are missing, well tough, they're my choices. Don't take it personally. Also, do not expect to see that many PIANO, GARAGE or Italo House based tunes or the type of stuff SASHA and similar DJs were renowned for during this period as I was never a staunch follower of this style. Some will inevitably be included through personal choice. But the underlying influences will ALWAYS be on the TECHNO tip for me :)

1991 was a fantastic year for music and a personal favourite. Musical style choices are also less eclectic than previous years as I heavily got even more into TECHNO and it was also the first (proper) year for Hardcore. Sometimes both styles were difficult to tell apart as both scenes were influencing each other. In fairness, they were part of exactly the same scene anyway.

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