My Ultimate 1991 Warehouse Party List

By 8892sales
updated 6 days ago

January 1st 1991 - December 31st 1991.

A work in progress. These are all the tracks or releases I would demand/hope to be played at a strictly 1991 classic warehouse party. No tracks prior or after 1991 are allowed!


NOTE: This is MY preferred and very biased take on what I would ideally want to be played at 1991 raves at one time or another, not other people's. If anyone thinks there are tracks which are missing, well tough, they're my choices. Don't take it personally :)

1991 was a fantastic year for music and a personal favourite. Musical style choices are also less eclectic than previous years as I heavily got even more into techno and it was also the first (proper) year of hardcore. Sometimes both styles were difficult to tell apart as both scenes were influencing each other. In fairness, they were part of exactly the same scene anyway.

Apologies in advance to SecretSquizza if any of the tracks he's listed are also repeated here :)

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  1. The whole release !

    There's not one bad track on this record.

  2. 27 For Sale from $8.60

    Smart Systems - Tingler (Four By Four Mix)

  3. Both excellent tunes. Paranoize is a personal favourite.

  4. Atomic Bass

  5. 8 For Sale from $8.60

    Circuit Breaker (Sonic Bass Dub) / Celluloid Edit

    I generally do not like hardcore with lots of pianos or any pianos. But these two tracks just make me feel ever so warm inside. Maybe it's the nostalgia, perhaps it's the ever so funky breaks, bass, electronic stabs, the syncopated chopped vocals, the distinctive piano crescendo that only Rhythm Section can get spot on.

    Or the memories of attractive scantily clad ladies giving it all they've got! Hhhhhmmmmmmmmm. Great memories :-) I'd better tone it down otherwise I might be reprimanded :P

    "A nice easy beat to keep you in rhythm..." "Let's try with a little bit of rhythm this time...''

  6. 'Buzz' is the stand out track here. Hands down.

    Were the strings / pads inspired by Corporation Of One - The Real Life Perhaps subconsciously?

    Lots of layers on this track, depth. How the hell did they produce that growling, trembling rumble of a bassline? Absolutely kicks.

  7. 37 For Sale from $5.38

    Groove Attack

  8. I like every track on here. Kiss The Sky is THE ONE though.

    Subsequently sampled a plenty by the hardcore and jungle community.

  9. Bad boy Techno business.

    I like all tunes even the Hip-House ''shudder'' one called 45 Beat. Generally speaking, Hip House in 1991 was otherwise complete and utter SHITE. This is not even Hip-House really. It's more a hibrid of Techno and Hip Hop. Hip Techno? Doesn't have the same ring to it does it?

    Techno Hop? No, That's a classic tough 1980s Electro Hip Hop record label based in Los Angeles, USA. Techno Hip? Now that's just being silly ...

    I think 'Where Is Your Evidence (Club)' is probably my favourite.

  10. 27 For Sale from $7.53

    Quest : Bleeping, acidic, mechanical, trippy as hell and incessant. Fabulous analogue mindmelt.

    Music :

    Vocal chant was sampled from Visual - The Music Got Me

    Big galloping pummeling TR-909 drums and heavy Kevin Saunderson/Reese/Landlord stabs is the order of the day here. They are not proper pianos for fuck's sakes! Innercity Big Fun / Good Life are not pianos! They come directly from Nitro Deluxe's synth stab keys, which are not pianos!

  11. Get On The Move

    Groovy Piano techno house and acid house / techno classic.

  12. The Beginning. Many were confused which tune was which back then as both title names suit this tune. It also didn't help that some copies' labels were swapped!

    Not a tune played out that often if I recall. Just absolute psychotically insane. Out of control mind and body f###! This was the UK's version of Hardcore Techno back then. Obviously heavily inspired by all the music coming out of Belgium or the Netherlands during 1990 - 1991. Sounds more like a proper musical composition albeit a rough one rather than a cut n paste job.

    I heard this maybe four or five times at parties and people went nuts, I mean really nuts. Nowadays, it would probably clear the dancefloor in a matter of seconds. People back then relished the musical challenge. It's not so much about the synth vox stabs for me, it's the incessant heavy low to mid range grinding fuzzy chainsaw riff cutting throughout most of the tune which at times is cleverly gated, the low end rising - falling sub bass, sword slicing snare sounds and the acidic arpeggio style breakdowns which are super killer. It doesn't even rely on a bass kick or complex, pronounced breakbeat as such. Fierce, fierce, fierce tune.

    Vocal samples 'This is a reaaaaaal murda chewwwnn' (could never make out if that vocal sample was originally uttered by a Jamaican or a Geordie a Jamaican Geordie or Geordie Jamaican... Haha! No insult intended) 'you're crazy' 'at the beginning, the beginning'. Kind of sums up what it's about really. Either depicting those seconds and minutes following the 'Big Bang' (if you believe that sort of thing), some kind of violent catastrophic apocalyptic scenario or plainly, just being off your freaking head !

    Aftermath The Sequel is a cover version of Nightmares On Wax. Sounds pure 1990 style. Which isn't a bad thing. Very minimal compared to side A. Good track to drop with a backdrop of deep fog, flickering strobe and fragrant smoke in the background. As long as the fragrant smoke doesn't smell of some scuzza's B.O., dirty guff, blocked club's toilet sewers or stenchy breath, then all is reet petite shweet.

    Bring back smoking in clubs and pubs please. It might attempt to mask some of these unhygienic bad breathed, farty, foul egged toilet smelling bastidges with no self awareness !!! F### me, smoking did have its benefits inside enclosed spaces after all!

  13. 4 For Sale from $40.85

    The best thing DJ Krome & Mr Time ever did in my opinion.

    Wasn't a fan of their jungle / drum n bass / happy hardcore stuff. I'm not even that besotted with their mega '92 anthem This Sound Is For The Underground / Manic Stampede either which was and still is overplayed.

    The first track I ever heard of theirs during the late summer of '91 was Fireball and was quite blown away at the time, even though I wasn't quite ready for it. [Actually tell a lie, the first one I'd heard of theirs was The Rush, which I liked but not as much as this].

    I absolutely used to love Unity at the time as I was more into that melodic, steady beat, bass n bleep, deeper sound. I also liked the way the track progressed - it was like a mini journey.

    However, over the years, I was slightly put off when DJ Luck and MC Neat sampled it. That outfit and that record was shite as well as that whole late '90s UKG early new millenium era. Most who followed that scene were narcissistic blinging posers and thugs and the music reflected that. Family members included! So, so depressing.

    Unity is still a classic though, regardless.

    But Fireball really has stood the test of time for me. Manic, rolling break, gut churning bass and insane Belgian techno style electronic oscillations over the top. Absolute beast! Love it to this day and still own a few copies.

  14. 1 For Sale from $12.20

    Just a heavy, heavy monster sound. Shoss and the Peace Prize which erroneously appears as the remix of Left To Right are just insane. Once again very influenced from that Belgian sound which was rife from the second half of 1990 all the way to the last month of 1991. Lots of layers, lots of stabs, lots of jagged riffs, lots of texture, depth of sound. Psychotic!

  15. 29 For Sale from $2.37

    If the originals are in, then the remixes have to go in as well!

  16. 6 For Sale from $63.41

    Great record, all mixes are worth checking out. Vastly, vastly overpriced though.

  17. 12 For Sale from $7.50

    This is an anthem, a very well known anthem. But 1991 wouldn't be 1991 without this.

    Both tunes essential and the BEST thing The House Crew ever made. No question. No discussions. No opinions. Period.

    And it isn't jungle either!

  18. Armageddon

    People who call The Sound Of Eden 'hardcore' really do not have any idea really. The closest genre it will ever be is house or pop or dance or dance-pop. Never hardcore. There are no hardcore 'qualities' in that song.

    Anyway, Armageddon is an absolute beast. UK hardcore techno at its finest.

  19. 4 For Sale from $6.44

    Very underrated release. One of my favourite Outlander releases. One of my favourite TZ releases.

  20. 33 For Sale from $1.52

    Rainbows In The Sky is a huge anthem with lots of chops and changes and was very popular with the raving massive.

    A special mention has to go to the underrated Death By Dub though. I love the darkness in this tune and that older, deeper '1990' techno feel. Serious bassline. Quite like the vocal samples in this as well. Much trippier than side A.