My catch of ProgRock favourites

By bembel64 bembel64
updated 4 months ago

My collection of Progressive Rock records. Mainly from the end '60 until the mid '70. Focus on Krautrock and Pink Floyd. The last years I have also added some more artists from Sweden. To present it more convenient I sorted by Artist, Album released.
Most of the records on this list are my favorite from Progressive Rock in general. Missing releases will be added month by month, as soon as I can get one for a fair price and in a decent quality.

  1. Amon Düül - Lua - Lua - He

    This is another release of the album "Collapsing Singvögel Rückwärts & Co."

  2. Utopia (16) - Utopia

    18 For Sale from $28.09

    I moved this record to Amon Düül II since it is a studio project by Amon Düül II members from 1973 with the band name Utopia. Later this record has been also released with the band name Amon Düül II. The song "Deutsch Nepal" was also released on the album Wolf City.

  3. Birth Control - Knock! Knock!! Who's There?

    20 For Sale from $5.62

    This is another release of the first Birth Control album called "Birth Control"

  4. Bo Hansson - Sagan Om Ringen

    4 For Sale from $3.78

    Beside of his solo carer Bo had some projects with other famous artists and bands like Fläsket Brinner and Kebnekajse.