My collection of holy grail prog LPs

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For many years there were great and rare prog rock albums I only owned as reissues, then I got lucky and scored these, all originals, that were very might very high on my want list and considered my holy grails. Many I never thought I'd own. The occasional title I never even owned a reissue, which I will mention if so.

  1. Museo Rosenbach - Zarathustra

    6 For Sale from $999.90

    Yikes! The prices of an original Italian copy of this Mellotron-laden prog masterpiece has certainly went through the stratosphere, it's unbelievable. Regardless, I was glad to find an original (not cheap) and certainly sounds way better than that 2009 BMG LP reissue.

  2. Osanna - Palepoli

    20 For Sale from $38.89

    The first time I ever heard this was off a blank cassette copy given to me (that also included Museo Rosenbach's Zarathustra). I now have two Italian Fonit copies of this, the true original with the glossy cover, and the slightly later pressing with the non-glossy cover (I got the non-glossy cover copy first).

  3. José Cid - 10.000 Anos Depois Entre Vénus E Marte

    10 For Sale from $272.22

    Not living in Portugal, I never realized that Jose Cid was a big pop icon, since I never heard of him until I bought the Art Sublime CD reissue (LP sized packaging) in 1997 and the insert included described who he was. Mainly he does cheesy pop music, but does the most unexpected surprises too: full blown prog rock, and a great job at it too, in a country never known for prog. Nice use of Mellotron. Years later I was able to get an original LP copy, those are very rare and hard to come by. Certainly a favorite of mine, and love that packaging.

  4. Message (3) - From Books And Dreams

    8 For Sale from $211.11

    I never owned a reissue, so it was a shocker I found an original copy on the Bacillus label for cheap. Love that cover too. I also think it's a great heavy prog album too. Digging up more info about the Bellaphon and Bacillus labels, this is indeed the true original, as the Bacillus label sports an unboxed "Bellaphon" logo.

  5. Maxophone - Maxophone

    6 For Sale from $216.67

    The cover is not exactly in the best shape, but it's the true original: gatefold, black Produttori Associati label, all sung in Italian, from 1975! Sound quality is much better than the English language version I also own on PAUSA.

  6. Änglagård - Hybris

    I was ever so glad to get the Colours LP back in 1997, even though it was out of print, but still a time where a few remaining copies were still available, and I was able to get it for a reasonable price. Had I not bought this copy then, it would have been my holy grail wantlist. Seeing the prices this LP is going for now, it's no wonder I bought it back then. I can almost imagine this LP being included in one of Hans Pokora's books, but hasn't.

  7. Änglagård - Epilog

    Well, I never did score an original CD copy of this. When I did have a chance, it was already out of print, and I wasn't willing to shell out the money. In 2002 I discovered it was released on vinyl in 1995 on the California-based Gates of Dawn label, and I got me a copy, for a great price too. Just like Hybris, this LP too has shot up in value.

  8. Area (6) - Arbeit Macht Frei (Il Lavoro Rende Liberi)

    22 For Sale from $66.67

    Wow! My copy is the original with the gun insert, and those aren't exactly easy to come by.

  9. L'Uovo Di Colombo - L'Uovo Di Colombo

    3 For Sale from $812.64

    I never owned a reissue of this, although in 2001 I was able to score an LP copy of this on the Odeon label, for a ridiculously cheap price! I don't think I would want to spend full price for a copy, it's good, not great. Copies, doesn't matter if it's Odeon or Columbia go for insane prices these days, so I have been wondering all these years why the copy I bought was sold for so cheap. Maybe he was trying to get rid of his inventory fast.

  10. Genesis - Trespass

    35 For Sale from $12.20

    Original pink scroll label with textured cover. While it might not be difficult to find this title, it's been issued many times, on many different labels, it's the true UK original pressing that's very hard to come by, given its lack of success at the time, and that's the one I was lucky to score.

  11. Rare Bird - Rare Bird

    15 For Sale from $38.88

    I consider this a holy grail, because it's the first ever Charisma release! A nice piece of history, and a great album to boot. My copy has a textured label, which in itself means it's an original.

  12. Albatross (18) - Albatross

    5 For Sale from $99.00

    Actually it didn't really become a holy grail until I found out about it and acquired it, and discovered it had some really great music (particularly "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalyse"). This is certainly a holy grail, rare and obscure American prog, where Hans Pokora gave it a three disc *** in one of his Record Collector Dreams book. Although often dismissed as a Yes-knockoff, to me, it's another hidden jewel of prog rock. Love that '70s vibe, and although I wished more Mellotron, I do love those tron passages. Too bad Syn-Phonic never reissued this on CD.

  13. Jumbo (14) - Vietato Ai Minori Di 18 Anni?

    8 For Sale from $244.43

    I remembered a now-defunct prog rock mail order catalog that felt this was one of the best Italian prog albums ever. Now I can understand not everyone shares that view, most particularly Alvaro Fella's harsh vocals. That same catalog was selling at a price I couldn't afford then. I then attempted to get a CD reissue offered by some other catalog, but it sold out before I ever got a chance. Then in 2001 I found, online, an original LP for just $20! This is just the kind of stuff I'm after!

  14. Psiglo - Ideación

    Of course, it's little surprise finding prog from Uruguay isn't easy to find, and this is true original I own (on Clave, not Sondor, as Sondor was the 1980s reissue), Hans Pokora giving it four discs out of six (****) for rarity in his 1001 Record Collector Dreams Book. One of the great Latin American prog albums, and so glad to have it!

  15. Tangerine Dream - Electronic Meditation

    20 For Sale from $33.33

    Definitely a second pressing, as my copy bears the 556.004 catalog number, but the true original bears the 56.004 catalog number, and probably a slot on the front cover where a balloon would be (it originally came with a balloon, but I'm sure very few survived). Of course my copy never come with the balloon (being a second pressing), but it was the original label Tangerine Dream recorded for prior to Virgin.

  16. Tangerine Dream - Alpha Centauri

    10 For Sale from $22.22

    I have two copies, the true original with the catalog number 56.012 and the slightly later press with the 556.012 catalog number. The true original is missing the "Tangerine Dream" banner on the upper right hand corner. I bet you the reason the second pressing bore the "Tangerine Dream" banner on the front cover was I'm certain many people thought this new group was called Alpha Centauri (in essence, it was a new group, as Edgar Froese was the only member in common with Electronic Meditation and this one), and record dealers probably filed it under "A" unaware it was actually the new Tangerine Dream release (that is in 1971), although the spine, gatefold, and label does state the name "Tangerine Dream". So the second pressing featured the "Tangerine Dream" name on the front cover to avoid confusion to buyers or sellers at the time.

  17. Tangerine Dream - Zeit

    25 For Sale from $7.77

    Back in 1994 was when I first started buying Tangerine Dream albums, and I found a 1980s reissue of Zeit on Relativity. At least they kept the same artwork and gatefold. At that time I was told the original of this, and the three others they did before moving to Virgin were on Ohr. Years later I was able to get the Ohr pressing. As usual, it's difficult to find a copy where the disc is anything less than crackly. At least it's still playable, no skips.

  18. Tangerine Dream - Atem

    31 For Sale from $14.43

    In 1995, I found an original copy on Ohr in a Seattle record store, and I only been collecting Tangerine Dream since 1994 at the time. I never owned any TD on Ohr at the time (or anything else on the label). I realized this was the label TD recorded for prior to Virgin. As usual, it's difficult to find any Ohr titles where the disc is anything less than crackly, and my copy is no exception. At least no skips.

    After that time, I realized that many titles on Ohr have became mega-rarities, and the Tangerine Dream (as well as Floh de Cologne) titles on the label tend to be the least expensive and most common. Due to this, it's little wonder that no TD titles made it in any of Hans Pokora's Record Collector Dreams books, although had he published one on 45s, Ultima Thule would definitely be featured in it.

  19. Earth And Fire - Earth And Fire

    24 For Sale from $5.50

    I realize the UK pressing on Nepentha with the Roger Dean cover is much more rare and hard to come by, but I'm happy to have the Dutch original with the gimmick fold-out cover. The Dutch one is rare (it never charted in Holland, although it did spawn a few Dutch hits) but nowhere as rare as the UK pressing.

  20. Earth And Fire - Song Of The Marching Children

    36 For Sale from $5.56

    Sometime back in the 1980s, my dad bought a copy of To the World of the Future when I was a kid. I seriously doubt my dad knew what he was buying, as he wasn't exactly a music expert. I'm glad he kept the album as I liked it, other than the insipid "How Time Flies". So for years I wondered if Earth & Fire had other albums. I figured they had to be big in Holland (which turns out I was right). In the 1990s I finally discovered they had many more albums, and this was one of them. In 2002 I finally got me a Dutch original of this, with a wonderful gatefold and artwork inside, for just $5.00!

  21. Earth And Fire - Atlantis

    23 For Sale from $5.56

    Of course, I also needed this one. The original LP is a real treat to own, especially the artwork. There is nothing that interferes with the artwork (other than a small "Polydor" logo, which of course, let you know what label released it), no print or tracklistings to be found anywhere. For that info, of course, the LP label provides that, as well as the insert that came with it, that also includes the lyrics as well as who played in the band.

  22. Gong - Camembert Electrique

    4 For Sale from $66.67

    I remember in 1995 being told the original was on Virgin, but even then I knew he was wrong. Virgin was obviously the reprint after the band moved there (of course, the Internet was in its infancy in 1995 so not everyone was online). Even then I knew it was originally released on BYG (I was unaware of the Actuel subsidiary it was actually released on at the time, but it's still BYG as it bears the same Buddha). My copy is the orange label with the large Buddha. It also has two inserts that include the lyrics to all the songs. BYG wasn't exactly the most reputable of labels, but I was happy they went the extra mile to include a couple of inserts, which was very uncommon for BYG (but then the label was largely jazz-oriented with only a handful of rock groups, and most of the jazz titles were obviously all-instrumental).

  23. Gracious!* - Gracious!

    27 For Sale from $121.94

    Original UK swirl Vertigo and textured cover. The prices for original UK swirl Vertigo have been becoming insane, and the debut from Gracious is actually one of the more reasonably priced ones of the more obscure titles of the label (I'm certain Status Quo's Piledriver on the swirl label is worth considerably less than this, but then they weren't exactly obscure in the UK, they were probably the UK equivalent of KISS, in popularity and fan worship, with plenty of detractors, both music fans and rock critics, I'm not saying Status Quo sounded like KISS or were like them image-wise).

  24. Ash Ra Tempel - Ash Ra Tempel

    5 For Sale from $244.44

    In 1997 I bought a Spalax LP reissue of this, and while I was totally blown away by the music (this was my very first Ash Ra Tempel purchase), I felt the pressing was crap, same for the packaging. It lacked the wonderful packaging of the original, and for some reason, they included a CD booklet. Years later I was able to acquire the second Ohr LP pressing, catalog number 556.013 and so much happier, although I was a bit bewildered about the punch hole on the cover, as punch holes (as well as cut outs) were not as commonly practiced outside the US. It appears the original Ohr pressing with the catalog number 56.013 did not appear to be packaged any different. Regardless, one of the rare Ohr LPs I own where it's not crackly!

  25. Ramases - Space Hymns

    23 For Sale from $77.78

    For many collectors, they feel the music isn't really worth it, or 10cc fans just having it in their collection because the future members of 10cc happen to back Ramases up. Mostly they go for the Roger Dean cover that folds out in a giant poster. Personally, I find the music not bad, but the repetition can put many off, as well as a couple of songs that sounds like hippie commune singalong where you can imagine Joan Baez or Peter, Paul & Mary singing such a song (if it weren't for the eccentricities of the album). Strange cosmic folk and prog not for everyone. I was able to get a UK swirl Vertigo original, the disc isn't in the best conditions, but plays fine, no skips, but the cover is in atrocious shape, it's a miracle it still folds out. Of course, when I have more money, I'll seek another copy in better shape.