My favorite producers/remixers

By Dylan_W Dylan_W
updated 3 months ago

My favorite producers and the type of music they make and my favorite productions and/or stuff they've worked on

  1. Booker T

    Genre: House/UK Garage

    Favorite Remixes:
    Never Ever (Booker T's Vocal Mix) by All Saints
    Life Ain't Easy (Booker T's Soul Inside Mix) by Cleopatra

  2. John Shanks

    Genre: Pop-Rock

    Favorite stuff they've worked on:
    Autobiography by Ashlee Simpson
    The Spirit Room by Michelle Branch
    So-Called Chaos by Alanis Morrisette

  3. Guy Sigsworth

    Genre: Ambient

    Favorite production work (Albums & Songs):
    Details by Frou Frou
    Cradle by Acacia
    Should Have Known by Robyn
    Empathy by Mandalay
    Getting Scared by Imogen Heap

  4. Todd Terry

    Genres: House

    Favorite Remixes:
    Missing (Todd Terry Remix) by Everything But The Girl
    Wrong (Todd Terry Remix) by Everything But The Girl
    Hyperballad (Tee's Freeze Mix) by Bjork
    Stupid Girl (Tee's Freeze Club) by Garbage
    Lovefool (Tee's Club Radio) by The Cardigans
    Cool For The Summer (Todd Terry Remix) by Demi Lovato

  5. 5

    Adam F

    Adam F

    Genres: Drum & Bass

    Favorite works/remixes:
    Colours by Adam F
    Before Today (Adam F Remix) by Everything But The Girl
    Telling Lies (Adam F Mix) by David Bowie