My top 30 LPs all time

By indierod-cassettes indierod-cassettes
updated about 1 month ago

Well-these are the 30 I cant do without

  1. The Velvet Underground - White Light/White Heat

    noisy punk roots with a great groove -Lou Reed-and Sister Ray make this #1

    Fave track - Sister Ray or Lady Godiva's operation ( just can't pick one here)

  2. The Velvet Underground & Nico (3) - The Velvet Underground & Nico

    Close 2nd but interchangeable as no.1 really
    The roots of punk postpunk begin here.

    Fave track - Venus in furs

  3. Pixies - Doolittle

    punk post / surf punk pop -super influential seminal stuff -my entry into Pixies greatness

    Fave track - Wave of Mutilation

  4. Game Theory - Lolita Nation

    The genius of Scott Miller will endure - crazy controlled psych-pop intelligent masterpiece complete with vingnette pieces to enhance your listening pleasure.

    Fave track - We love you Carol & Alison

  5. The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness

    When I first heard it- I thought there was something dangerous about it, that's what hooked me- it spans an array of styles and emotions and f-ing rocks like mad!

    Fave track - XYU

  6. R.E.M. - Fables Of The Reconstruction / Reconstruction Of The Fables

    My entrance into the world of Alternative/College rock-not their most popular early one, but dammit I love nearly everything on it

    Fave track - Green grow the rushes

  7. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

    Kevin Shields set the bar way out of reach with this one- you can listen anytime -any mood -there may never be anything like it

    Fave track- I Only Said

  8. The Sonic-Youth* - Sister

    Awesome post punk/punk hyper and brooding-guitar driven male/female vocals and moody production give the songs such a classic feel.

    Fave track- Schizophrenia

  9. Smashing Pumpkins* - Siamese Dream

    The layered guitars sound is what makes it so unique, on par with Mellon Collie-Billy Corgan damn near ended it all with this one.

    Fave track- Today or Hummer

  10. The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground

    Lou Reed is cool, strange & experimental - no hits needed here

    Fave track- Some Kinda Love

  11. Bibio - Vignetting The Compost

    Bibio's Mush Records era releases have a fuzzy acoustic-electronic nature film feel, with purposely obsolete production quality -bizarrely beautiful.

    Fave track- Flesh Rots,Pip Sown

  12. Rush - Moving Pictures

    This is a prog rock must own.The only Rush album that every song is not only a keeper but excellent. Perfectly mixes hard guitar and synth at an era when the two styles were converging on the market.

    Fave Track- Red Barchetta

  13. Sufjan Stevens - Greetings From Michigan The Great Lake State

    This is one great indie album-an awkward isolation is felt here-passionate and passive at the same time. Listen to Holland or The Upper Peninsula to get this.

    Fave track- Holland

  14. Galaxie 500 - On Fire

    Boston's slow-core pioneers made this trove of not so serious everyday observations that use dynamics and reverb to the hilt thanks to Kramer's production.

    Fave tune- When Will You Come Home

  15. Boards Of Canada - Music Has The Right To Children

    A must have electronic psychedelic marvel. A ferocity lies under the surface of nature sounds and electronic voices warped like a vinyl album left to the summer sun playing with warm synths and chilled atypical beats.

    Fave Track- Open The Light

  16. Pale Saints - In Ribbons

    Lovely shoegaze album somewhere in the neighborhood with Loveless. Its pretty floats on heavy guitars and a creepy feel. You might mistake Graeme Naysmith's vocals for a female and may not realize when Meriel Barham is singing but that's part of the mystique here.

    Fave track - Babymaker

  17. Bibio - Ovals And Emeralds

    The music here is incredibly cool-every song here is sweet electronica and acoustic riffs warbled through a scope of yesteryear. Only an EP (albeit nearly 30 min) and only available as a download...please Warp records-this in VINYL (begging) don't let It be a casualty of the MP3 era!

    Fave Track - Carosello Ellitico

  18. Dropkick Murphys - Sing Loud, Sing Proud!

    The perfect punk album-Gruff Irish passion- manly lyrics, beefy rhythms, and very anthemic.

    Fave Track - The Gauntlet

  19. The Jesus And Mary Chain - Darklands

    Psychocandy is great but I like this one better-dark heavy almost surf rock meets goth, sounds weird that way but is a natural fit

    Fave Track- Happy When It Rains

  20. Violent Femmes - Violent Femmes

    I love nearly everything here-Gordon Gano's seeming made-up-on-the-spot lyrics and guitar interplay with Brian Ritchie's bass wizardry give it a college party feel dispite the somewhat depressing subject matter of the tunes ( it's tongue in cheek anyway!)

    Fave Track - Kiss Off

  21. The Doors - The Doors

    The classic and great 1967 debut - one of the best psych albums

    Fave track- The Crystal Ship

  22. The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead

    This is their best album my opinion. The lyrics are desperately witty invoking many awkward feelings and the music plays perfect to each track, except maybe "Some girls are bigger than others" but even here the guitar part is great. Morrissey and Johnny Marr were clicking perfectly here and this is a classic.

    Fave Track - Bigmouth Strikes Again

  23. Sonic Youth - Dirty

    Sonic Youth grafted their unique sound to the grunge movement to perfection without losing any credibility. The energy is high and the lack of hits let fans know Geffen records A&R guys would not be placated.

    Fave Track- Drunken Butterfly

  24. Minutemen - Double Nickels On The Dime

    The excellent 3rd album by Minutemen, I was a later fan but came to love the short statement bursts and tight hyperactive playing, many of their EPs are worthy too.

    Fave Track - #1 hit song

  25. The White Stripes - White Blood Cells

    10 For Sale from $49.98

    This is one of those albums that brings back the faith in music, it's heavy, it's sentimental, it's optimistic and unconventional. chock full of great tunes and even no bass for help. incredible!

    fave track: Fell in Love With A Girl