My top favorite albums

By Armoreska Armoreska
updated 4 days ago

picked out of thousands, here be my 321 favorite music albums so far (no pure compilations included)
top 24 is ranked, the rest unranked

Per-decade breakdown (+current fav album):
40s: 0 (Woody Guthrie - Dust Bowl Ballads)
50s: 2 (Calypso)
60s: 31 (Electric Ladyland)
70s: 74 (The Wall)
80s: 89 (Critical Beatdown)
90s: 71 (Decksandrumsandrockandroll)
00s: 51 (Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars)
10s: 3 (Innocents)
The very top is dominated by the 90s albums tho

Artists with more than 2 albums:
Vangelis: 8.5 (1 as a member of Aphrodite's Child)
Fatboy Slim: 6.5 (1 as a member of Pizzaman)
Michael Cretu/Enigma: 5-7 (5 as a member of Enigma, 1 as a producer for Andru Donalds and 1 separately)
Michael Jackson: 5
Rhys Fulber (Conjure One): 5 (4 as a member of Delerium/FLA, including one as Intermix)
Ennio Morricone: 4.5 (4 tracks on Dove Vai In Vacanza)
Brian Eno: 4.5 (incl Talking Heads, U2, Devo as 3x0.5, not incl Bowie)
Depeche Mode: 4
James Brown: 4
Kate Bush: 4
Moby: 4
Pink Floyd: 4
Prodigy: 4
Rolling Stones: 4
Enya: 3
Led Zeppelin: 3
Parliament-Funkadelic: 3
Santana: 3
Giorgio Moroder: 2.5 (most tracks on Flashdance)

  1. Fatboy Slim - Illuminati

    aka triple-EP Illuminati/Camber Sands/The Pimp