NJ artists

By LilOlGirl LilOlGirl
updated 6 months ago

Artists who come out of New Jersey.

  1. long branch

    These guys rocked.

  2. Bud Abbott

    Wow. Never heard of him.

  3. Lauryn Hill

    Ms. Lauryn Hill is a legend. Deep down. I know for a fact she can do better.

  4. Count Basie

    He is my all time favorite.

  5. Bon Jovi


  6. 7


  7. Jon Bon Jovi

    Alright as a solo artist.

  8. Amiri Baraka

    He spoke words of wisdom.

  9. Beetlejuice

    He was so funny!

  10. Madeline Bell

    Wow. She was beautiful.

  11. Regina Belle

    Never heard of her.

  12. Queen Latifah


  13. The Four Seasons

    They were a good band.

  14. The Isley Brothers

    My mom told me about this group.

  15. Randy Edelman

    Okay. He is alright.

  16. Donald Fagen

    Steely Dan got me here

  17. Naughty By Nature

    Hip Hop Hooray!