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'Not Your Obvious' is a radio station (future pending) that highlights found material that is less obvious in its context, featuring songs that represent what is known, unknown, and forgotten.

The first installment of 'Not Your Obvious' who's purpose is to collect songs that represent material in all styles that exemplify portrayals of beauty within their instrumentation and lyrical content, expressing continual qualities that are emotional throughout their context, asserting a change that is deeply profound and personal.


Masaru Hatanaka - Tabidachi (1979)
George Grant - Fragments of the World (1981)
David Hosler - Born from Above (1976)
Michael Gettel & Elizabeth Naccarato - One Piano (2009)
Christian Parker - Reflection of Tomorrow (1986)
Ned Rorem, Carolyn Anger - Piano Album I & Six Friends (2013)
William R. Trego - Princeton High School Choirs in Concert (1976)
Kiichi Takashina - Shiroi Gogo (White Gogo) (1976)
Mizuiro No Kokoro (1976)
Randy Newman - When I'm Gone (MONK, 2010)
Khải - Thành phố mơ màng (2019) (622)
Janie and Bob - Mary Had A Baby (1968)
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