#Not the Best Ambient Albums of All Time

By dietofworms dietofworms
updated over 2 years ago

List made by Rafael Anton Irisarri

"For the purpose of this list:

1. No duplicates entires. Yes, there are MANY Eno albums to pick from—very influential indeed—but the idea is to narrow it down to what I think is the most essential.

2. No albums already on the P4K list. (What would the point?)

3. There is no ranking, so I went in alphabetical order. There isn’t such a thing as “best” anything when it comes to art, only varying degrees of notoriety. In the age of Trump, the American concept of “The Best in the World” has become completely meaningless; in fact, it’s arrogant to make such assumptions.

4. I’ve been listening to ambient music for almost 20 years and I still know nothing. I’m sure there are missing tons of amazing albums here, so please add to this list in the comments below. That’s the most interesting part of these kind of exercises, learning and/or re-discovering gems long forgotten."