Nurse with Wound wants

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  1. Nurse With Wound - Insect And Individual Silenced

    Limited edition 10 signed and numbered copies in handmade sleeve

  2. Current 93 / Nurse With Wound - Mi Mort

    Bootleg CDr release of a cassette from 1983. Has coloured photocopied inserts

  3. Nurse With Wound - Drunk With The Old Man Of The Mountains

    1) edt of 30 numbered and signed copies in handmade cartoon sleeve. Orange insert
    2) edt of 25 copies in handmade collage sleeve (made from previous album covers). Orange insert
    3) edt of 5 copies in bondage sleeve. 15 erotic sepia tone silver gelatin photographs chemically manipulated. Three images on sleeve and twelve as an insert

  4. Nurse With Wound - Psilotripitaka

    edt of 25 in leather bondage bag

  5. Nurse With Wound · Jim O'Rourke - Angry Eelectric Finger 1 - Tape Monkey Mooch

    edt of 25 in handpainted slevve, numbered and signed