Oberheim DMX

By disman00911
updated 3 days ago

Songs that uses the Oberheim DMX drum machine. Often heard in several 1980s songs.

  1. despite the name of the track and the direct references to the 808, this one actually uses the DMX, not the 808.

  2. Both "It's Like That" and "Sucker MCs"

  3. "Hard Times" only as "Jam-Master Jay" uses the 808

  4. "8 Million Stories" only as "AJ Scratch" uses the Linn

  5. much of Rick James' production of 1984/1985 uses the DMX

  6. both "Cold World" and "Bad Boy"

  7. samples Slick Rick's Children's Story, which uses the DMX

  8. has that "breathing" sound efx that is often heard in many Slick Rick songs.

  9. has the Slick Rick-esq "Breathing" sound efx that is created with the DMX

  10. also "Starski Live at the Disco Fever"