Obscure Dark Ambient projects/releases that are difficult to find.

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Like the title suggests.This list is reserved only for the DA that is above average in difficulty for discovery and study purposes.


- Artists with a partial dark/dark ambient discography count.

- Artists don't need to be emotionally dark. Something can be "dark" in different ways, and I am taking into account that other people may have different subjective interpretations of the way something sounds.

- Covers all sub-genres of Dark Ambient.

Conditions that need to be met:

1. Very low stats.
2. One-off or make up a tiny portion of a large, unrelated discography.
3. Difficult name.
4. Unavailable, limited and or poorly documented.
5. Improperly tagged.
6. All of the above.


- Black Metal/Dark Ambient hyprids (Not Black Ambient, it's valid.)
- Intro/interlude/outro during metal albums
- Dungeon Synth
- Dark Synth/Horror Synth/Synthwave
- Neoclassical (Mostly)
- Martial Industrial
- Illbient (Almost everything)
- Harsh Noise Wall (Mostly)
- Modern Classical (Mostly)
- Berlin School (Mostly)
- Downtempo (Mostly?)
- Darkwave (Mostly)

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