Obscure or Uncommon Industrial Metal

By Prettykitty1334
updated over 2 years ago

This list is for the obscure, the rare and forgotten industrial metal bands and releases you might not know of. No cyber metal, no groove metal pretending to be industrial, no Rammstein clones (NDH). Just pure cold mechanized industrial metal.

  1. avant garde with slight gothic metal influences

  2. psychedelic influences

  3. side project from members of Celtic Frost

  4. the band's most underrated album and possibly the heaviest.

  5. electro-industrial/industrial metal

  6. nu metal/industrial metal with black metal, dark ambient and power electronics elements. this is a weird one.

  7. punkish/alt industrial metal formed from members of front line assembly and black halos

  8. one of the heaviest albums to date by the band

  9. side project of Circle of Dust and probably the heaviest material he ever put out. Album was later reworked into a Circle of Dust record. For fans of early 90's KMFDM.

  10. formed by former member of Die Krupps

  11. avant garde alt rock influences

  12. extremely short lived japanese thrash industrial metal band

  13. the band's only industrial metal release

  14. only added for the As Made single. For industrial metal era Ministry fans.

  15. industrial doom metal