Of Cuckoos And Scrambled Eggs

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A companion guide to The Crack In The Cosmic Egg - encyclopedia of Krautrock. For those those things related to the Krautrock scene, includes: foreigners in the Krautrock scene, Austria, Switzerland, etc. Here are some of the choice items, intros to the wider "not quite Krautrock" scene.

  1. Rabih Abou-Khalil - Between Dusk And Dawn

    A Lebanese Oud player, he went to Germany to record after encountering Embryo on one of their tours, an experience that opened a lot of new musical avenues to him.

  2. Amon Duul II* - Hawk Meets Penguin

    ...billed as "old recordings", it didn't seem to fit within known Amon Düül history. This was because John Weinzierl had established a new British incarnation of Amon Düül in 1979 along with Dave Anderson, recording a collection of impromptu sessions, featuring other uncredited musicians from the UK underground and prog scenes...

  3. Analogy - Analogy

    ...combining classical and space-rock elements, and fronted by a powerful unusual female vocalist. Keyboards, dynamic arrangements, complex instrumental passages and strong songs - all added up to unique sound of their own. If they could be compared to anyone, Earth & Fire and Sandrose would be favourites...

  4. Association P.C. - Sun Rotation

    ...Many of their releases featured a wealth of invention, covering a lot of new ground, stretching the boundaries of jazz. SUN ROTATION and ERNA MORENA were their boldest statements featuring lengthy tracks of great power and aggression, showcasing the talents of Toto Blanke and Jasper van't Hof. They could, in a way, be seen as the German Mahavishnu Orchestra (not style wise), for their international make-up...

  5. J.B. Banfi* - Galaxy My Dear

    Giuseppe "Baffo" Banfi (born 21/7/1954, in Lecco, Italy) was keyboard player and synthesist, formerly with Biglietto Per L'Inferno, ...GALAXY MY DEAR, a synth album dedicated to Klaus Schulze.

  6. Roberto Cacciapaglia - Sonanze

    SONANZE was the only Italian Kosmische Musik album released by Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser, rumoured to be because Kaiser had fallen out with his favourite German cosmic explorer: Klaus Schulze, and that Roberto's music was the "closest thing". In fact, its mixture of synthesizers and symphonic orchestrations is superficially similar, except that it is distinctly Italian...

  7. Philip Catherine - September Man

    ...he met Joachim Kühn, whose different approach impressed Philip enough to move his attention to Germany. This led to him becoming the hot new guitar talent sought by German jazz luminaries like Klaus Weiss, Rolf Kühn, Klaus Doldinger, and the likes...

  8. Dark (10) - Dark

    Dark's debut LP brought to fruition many of the promises of Marks's earlier solos, but stepped-on radically with the accent on extreme studio processing and quite extensive use of primitive new electronic gadgets like the Casio sampling keyboard. Its character is unique.

  9. Davis Redford Triad - Ewige Blumenkraft

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    Best known as the guitarist in the later version of Faust, Steven Wray Lobdell also proved his talents as a creative Krautrock artist by forming the combo Davis Redford Triad,... astounded with the Faust meets Guru Guru style jamming of E WIGE BLUMENKRAFT

  10. Diabolus (5) - Diabolus

    By the time of their sole album they had relocated permanently to Germany and had a German drummer. Very much in keeping with other Bellaphon rock acts, Diabolus played an inventive mixture of hard-rock and folk, in the realms of early Message and Nektar...

  11. Earthstar - French Skyline

    ...with the aid of Klaus Schulze in production and recording, which resulted in one of the finest Kosmische albums from a non-German band, involving just three tracks, two of them vast long works full of patent Teutonic sequencers, analogue synths, Mellotrons, guitars, etc.

  12. Hallelujah (3) - Hallelujah Babe

    Adventurous and creative, ...Hallelujah's influences were wide: a touch of the Beatles' "A Day In A Life", a hint of Wonderland, and lots of Pink Floyd folky Roger Waters stylisms. In all, it amounted to an accessible blend of progressive and psychedelic styles that has a characteristically Krautrock feel to it...

  13. Hero (9) - Hero

    Hero had a hard-rock style with classical edges, and is popularly compared to early Deep Purple in collector's circles. But really it's a Teutonic inspired twist on the Italian sound, comparable (and in fact using some of the same classical references and themes) to Museo Rosenbach's ZARATHUSTRA...

  14. Janus (5) - Gravedigger

    ...very much a product of the Krautrock era, as Janus were based in Germany at the time, and even Harvest presented them as a Krautrock band! All the production and other credits were courtesy of German luminaries, and it had that Teutonic feel: blending heavy rock with psychedelic and cosmic musics...

  15. Kravetz* - Kravetz

    ...His "solo" album was in fact the Lindenberg band with Kravetz at the helm, for a more progressive outing. Although a patchy album, it had some excellent moments, notably some lengthy instrumental breaks and much Frumpy influence.

  16. John Lee (3) / Gerry Brown Featuring: Chris Hinze & Gary Bartz - Infinite Jones

    An in-demand jazz rhythm section from the early-1970's, John Lee (bass) and Gerry Brown (drums) came from the USA, but were much more prolific when they ended up in Europe. The album INFINITE JONES is an excellent example of Kraut-fusion, although no one actually German is involved.

  17. Mark Nauseef - Wun-Wun

    Mark Nauseef is an American-born, German-based drummer, whose unlikely launching platform into the world of experimental music came via working in the Ian Gillan Band... His albums on CMP Records see a progression from a complete restart and rethink ...onto the remarkable and unique creations on WUN-WUN.

  18. Nektar - Journey To The Centre Of The Eye

    ...the sci-fi concept opus JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EYE. An extraordinary album, firstly sounding more 1968 than 1971, with lots of tripped-out guitar and organ gymnastics, with the surreal story told in song and music. As much legend as the music at this time was Nektar's light show, said to out do even Pink Floyd's, ...

  19. Nico (3) - The End...

    Of prime importance to progressive and experimental music fans are the three albums she made together with John Cale, all which show Teutonic roots amongst her influences, in powerful/morose emotionally charged songs, steeped with atmosphere, against an equally fascinating and unusual music that gained more experimental ground with each subsequent album.

  20. Phew - Our Likeness

    ...she returned to Germany for her third: OUR LIKENESS which again featured Jaki along with three musicians from the new-wave underground, for what was (on occasions) an even more stunning collection, perfectly accompanying Phew's kind of Yoko Ono meets Nico range of vocalising.

  21. Dave Pike Set* - Infra-Red

    ...psychedelic spiced fusion combo the Dave Pike Set, together with three top German jazz musicians, notably the creative guitarist Volker Kriegel who is really the star of the excellent INFRA-RED. With influences ranging from Frank Zappa to Miles Davis...

  22. Jasper Van't Hof's Pork Pie* Feat. Charly Mariano* - Transitory

    Jasper van't Hof's first serious attempt at a group project of his own. The debut TRANSITORY is a classic fusion outing with an all-star Krautrock related cast.

  23. Scope (15) - Scope

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    These were a Dutch band befriended by Jochen Petersen who produced and recorded their debut album in Hamburg.
    They played a flowery brand of jazz-rock full of solos and invention fronted by an excellent guitarist and some nifty synth work...

  24. Spot (4) - Spot

    An international combo of uncertain historical roots, who were apparently based in Switzerland.
    Spot played a mixture of progressive and psychedelic styles, with an Anglo (a very Robert Plant/Led Zeppelin style of vocals) and American feel (hints of the West Coast and Boston sounds), with nods to hard-rock Krautrock styles...

  25. Steel Mill - Green Eyed God

    A British progressive that found themselves gaining more success abroad, a strange fact that led to their debut LP first gaining release on the German Bellaphon label, complete with an excellent Helmut Wenske cover... a complex heavy progressive, with jazzy edges (lots of nice saxophone and flute) akin to many Krautrock bands, like Message, Nine Day's Wonder, Nosferatu, etc.