Old School Hip-Hop Artists

By CollieSyrjalainen CollieSyrjalainen
updated over 2 years ago

This is a list of old school hip-hop artists/groups.by old school, i mean active between 1979 (or before) and 1985, including artists with only one release listed, or artists who were active, didn't recorded anything beweeen 1979 and 1985.The favourite releases part is just my opnion.

  1. Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force

    Favourite release: "Planet Rock"

  2. Afrika Bambaataa Zulu Nation Cosmic Force

    Members: Afrika Bambaataa, Ikey C, Ice Ice, Lisa Lee, Chubby Chub
    Favourite release: "Zulu Nation Throwdown"

  3. The Brothers Supreme

    Favourite release: "We Can't Be Held Back"

  4. Busy Bee

    Favourite release: "Rappin' All Over" (with the Marvelous Three)

  5. The Capital Boys

    Members: DD, Junior Gee, DJ Scratch, DJ Ambassador
    Favourite release: "Check Us Out"

  6. Capt. Crunch & The Funky Bunch

    Alias of Disco Daddy & Captain Rapp

  7. Captain Rapp

    Favourite releases: "The Gigolo Rapp" and "Bad Times (I Cant' Stand It)"

  8. Cold Crush Brothers

    Favourite release: "Punk Rock Rap"

  9. The Crash Crew

    Members:La Shubee, Reggie Reg, Barry Bistro, G-Man, EK Mike C, DJ Darryl C
    Favourite releases; "Breaking Bells (Take Me To The Mardi Gras)" and "On The Radio"

  10. Dark Star (5)

    Same members of Rappers Rapp Group.Mack-A-Moe and Mr. Ice left somewhere around 1983-1984.
    Favourite release: "Planet Earth"

  11. Disco Four

    Favourite releases: "Throwdown/School Beats" and "Do It, Do It"