Older/ Newer, Essential And Interesting Modern/ Alt. Metal Bands...

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Some of the more newer alternative, but not all (newer, not 'Nü' because the term is cliche 'IMO') metal, industrial, emo mixed, hard rock, djent, metalcore, hardcore fused/mixed, thrashcore, post-rock mixed, deathcore [chugcore], etc. acts listed here. Be advised; many acts listed here have influenced each or has won over the other [with influence, sound or maybe musical direction]. More to come and hopefully will be able to add photos for each act, eventually. Thanks for checking, if you may be interested!

Side Note: Please avoid these poor [money wa$ting down the drain] attempts at modern metal/rock, metalcore, rapcore, djent or other mixed styles; Blood On The Dance Floor, Dot Dot Curve, Falling In Reverse [worst frontman candidate ...ever alert!], Crazy Town, Lostprophets (Once respected, though when the scandal broke about the singer's sick acts against children, everything rightfully went downhill▼) and Brokencyde. Those are it ...for now?! [P.S. - Nobody has to agree with these picks, just be very wary ...thanks!]~~

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    28 Days

  5. The Apex Theory

    Now known as Mt. Helium.

  6. Audiovent

    Were previously known as Vent and The Tourists before that. Some band members related to the guys from California's Incubus.

  7. Audioslave

    R.I.P. Chris Cornell.

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