Open Drum Breaks

By CratesGatsby
updated 3 months ago

What UP! (12/21)

Open Drums Breaks is a growing list of 12" vinyl with an open drum break, a la Skull Snaps/ Apache. I started this list so I could better recognize covers in the wild and omitted any breaks a knew or had (I am now adding them).

My intention here is a visual database of record digger loopable breakbeat drum breaks, rather than a comprehensive list (ie no 90's plus albums, CD as a primary format, etc.) of all drum sounds. Vague, I know.

Lemme know about any errors/duplicates/edits as well. Thanks to those to msg me. I apologize to any I have ghosted or flaked on.

Thanks & Keep Diggin!

#opendrumsonly #dailydrumbreaks #opendrums

(working on giving peeps proper cred. Happy to remove any unwanted reference.)

DjKoolBreez - when I got back into digging, Breez YouTubes were the lessons. Somewhere lost there's a dropbox of just screen captures of his records. The list began with those...

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