Outsider musicians

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Outsider music is a genre coined by radio personality and producer Irwin Chusid. The genre describes music made outside of the commercial music industry made by usually self-taught persons who don't realize how bizarre and exotic their music is. Some common examples are Jandek, Daniel Johnston, Wesley Willis, and Wild Man Fischer.

  1. The Chipmunks

    Outsiders of the "rodent world" as Irwin refers to them in the 'Songs in the Key of Z' book. The Chipmunks, more commonly known as Alvin and the Chipmunks represent all elements of outsider music.

  2. 12



    One of the more common examples of outsider music. Little is known about Jandek other than the fact he is located in Houston, Texas. Jandek self-publishes his music through his own record label entitled Corwood Industries which has been releasing his albums since 1978. When Jandek debuted with the album 'Ready for the House' in 1978, he refered to his project as The Units. He later figured out that there was already a band called The Units that he did not want to be associated with. He later changed the name to Jandek which he currently uses to this day. Jandek performed his "first ever" live show in Northern Ireland on July 2009. The live performance was not promoted at all and was only seen by the people who didn't expect him there. Since then, Jandek has been actively doing live performances and have even released them on CD and DVD.

  3. Florence Foster Jenkins

    Florence Foster Jenkins was an American soprano who is known for her very strong lack of singing ability. Florence was barely able to hold a single note or rhythm. As a child she took music lessons and wanted to go on to become a bigger musician. Her father refused to pay the bill, and she went on to Philadelphia and married Frank Thornton Jenkins. They divorced in 1909. When her mother died it gave her more freedom to make her music. She released a 7" entitled 'Florence Foster Jenkins' in 1959, under the label RCA Victor. She later released an album called 'The Glory (????) of the Human Voice' in 1962 under the same label.