PT. 01 ~~~ Cover Song Play-Sanity! ~~~

By D.JKruliq D.JKruliq
updated about 1 year ago

Hi there! Here is a personal list of my brother's and my own favorite cover tunes. We have been around (so to speak) in our early 40's, so we just thought we'd share some favorites over the years. This is not a countdown list (so hard to place in order!) or a list of negative putdowns. Will add more to this, as far as song info only (a little at a time). Please enjoy what's here!

~~Dedicate this list to a dear friend gone much too soon. ~ Rebecca "Becky" Bute ~ August 16, 1976 - November 1st, 2015. A wonderful person greatly missed and loved by many. May you be at eternal peace and harmony with the smiling angels... ~~ ☺☻☼☺☻☼☺☻☼~~

P.S. If Cassie (her equally as wonderful daughter Cassandra) sees this one day, hoping this will touch and maybe bring a little harmony to your life. Be blessed and always be well.~~

  1. Eric Clapton - I Shot The Sheriff / Give Me Strength

    Definitely great cover (A Side) of a Bob Marley original!

  2. RUN DMC* - Walk This Way

    An Aerosmith classic with members of Yes! ...Aerosmith. The music video is legendary in its own appealing way.

  3. Johnny Cash - Personal Jesus / Hurt

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    Both great covers here.

  4. Van Halen - You Really Got Me

    A great one (cover) of a Kinks bonafide classic!