PT. II- Strangely Sexy and Very Sexy Covers

By D.JKruliq D.JKruliq
updated 7 months ago

Hello again sexy babe fans! Hopefully, you've all enjoyed the extensive part 1 list. No offense to anyone, especially the women, gals and ladies. A third list is also already compiled for all you sexy cover girl and sensually artistic art fans. Thank you all for the big help with suggestions and to the recent updates during the past six months in 2015 and beyond! Now, it's twice as sexy and still a bit strange, though just in a few spots!? ;-D :-P Much thanks to everyone and please do enjoy!

Update: 3rd Sexy List also up and updated with more covers.

  1. The Slits - Cut

    15 For Sale from $64.10

    One of the sexiest covers ever! These girls rock as well.

  2. Ohio Players - Angel

    One of their sexiest covers and big on many all-time lists.

  3. Various - Cultura De Club .03

    8 For Sale from $1.08

    Clothing must be mostly optional, at some club these gals chill at, judging by these covers (this and the next entry).

  4. Tabaco Y Su Sexteto - Los Duros De La Salsa

    4 For Sale from $44.99

    A chica (fine gal) on the cover, hotter than any salsa dip!

  5. Len Faki - Back To The Start

    16 For Sale from $2.72


  6. Bryan Zentz & Aaron Nesbit Present Masters Of Static - Strictly Physical EP

    12 For Sale from $1.99

    More from the "Superbra" label and below to Number #18.

  7. Various - Bigger Is Better Vol. 1

    21 For Sale from $1.14

    Not necessarily true. Don't say that though, to certain Playboy models, porn actresses, strippers, or uppity rich girls...ouch!

  8. Faculty X - Otherworld

    17 For Sale from $1.91

    P.S. or by the way, the scans are much more revealing, for sure. (-:

  9. Various - Kislota 18. Acid Techno

    Cassette compilation examples from many countries here. There are Polish, Russian, Finnish, Ukrainian, Italian, Spanish, German, Bulgarian, Swedish and even ones from Belarus, Japan and Yugoslavia! If these sold in the U.S. back in the day, they would've been selling like crazy! From here (left), down to Numero #80.