PT. III- Undoubtedly Sexy and Mysteriously Sexy List!

By D.JKruliq D.JKruliq
updated 6 months ago

Hello again all! Ready for round three gents, bachelors and girl fans? Um, OK ...Chapter Three. Don't want to get tooooo carried away (-; Hopefully, all here are enjoying chapters 1 and 2 of quite sexy to curiously sexy artwork. Really cool and very helpful people here. Thanks to all for the big help! Couldn't have done it without you. Much thanks again!

Update: Not listing, updating or unlocking anymore lists after PT. VI [ sorry for this :-( ]. At least, not until this site sets clear cut rules on protecting members from being attacked by negative people; [the harassers, trolls, time wasters, degenerates, etc.]. Everyone here should have rights to... [their own privacy and privacy of others/ free speech/ freedom of expression, etc.]. Please let the staff know, "We deserve better than this, and we demand our right to be who we want to be, without feeling fear of being neglected and ridiculed by someone's hate or demoralization!"...

  1. Goody Goody - Goody Goody

    10 For Sale from $12.99

    Goody is right on - times two! [▲]...

  2. Various - Goode Tyme Jhambhoree

    8 For Sale from $25.00

    Looked like a 'goode tyme' for sure, HA!

  3. Various - R&B Fever Volume 10

    Many releases missing from this series. *Hint* anyone, um ...somebody, anyone ...someone?!

  4. Various - R&B Pt. 20 - Sexxx Edition 3

    Pt. 20 listed here. Many other mixed compilations are missing here. What's up with that[?!?]...

  5. Various - Satellite Radio Part 8

    Part 8? What goes before 8, anyone?! Key word here ...missing big Effing(!) tyme. The Y is sort of intentional. ;-D