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Perfect soundtrack while watching this list: DIE PRINZEN "Alles nur geklaut".

A small collection of tribute and parody covers, of inspiration and imitation sleevedesign. Some bands or items have a lot of copied covers, so they are in my special lists:

- The Beatles: The Beatles
- Sex Pistols: Sex Pistols
- Elvis Presley: Elvis Presley
- Pink Floyd: Pink Floyd
- Velvet Underground: Velvet Underground
- Ramones: Ramones
- Saturday Night Fever: Saturday Night Fever
- Rolling Stones: Rolling Stones
- Movie Soundtracks: Movie Soundtracks

Different sleeves from different artists, but with the equal picture or equal model on front are in a special list:
- Equal Model | Equal Picture

For more similar cover please visit the following lists of other discogs-members:
- Original Cover Tribute Cover
- Same Covers
- Originators vs Homage Covers
- COVER-Tribute

  1. AC/DC - Stiff Upper Lip

    Original Cover

  2. AC/DC - High Voltage

    14 For Sale from $7.32

    Original Cover

  3. AC/DC - Highway To Hell

    7 For Sale from $5.00

    Original Cover

  4. AC/DC - Back In Black

    Original Cover