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By tusovski
updated 9 days ago

Perfect soundtrack while watching this list: DIE PRINZEN "Alles nur geklaut". Or you can listen to the complete "Jesus H Christ" album of CHUMBAWAMBA in between. Well, it is a very very very very long list...

A small collection of tribute and parody covers, of inspiration and imitation sleevedesign. Some bands or items have a lot of copied covers, so they are in my special lists:
The Beatles
Sex Pistols
Elvis Presley
Pink Floyd
Velvet Underground
Saturday Night Fever
Rolling Stones
Movie Soundtracks

Different sleeves from different artists, but with the equal picture or equal model on front are in a special list:
- Equal Model | Equal Picture

For more similar/parody/tribute cover please visit the following lists of other discogs-members:
- Original Cover Tribute Cover
- Same Covers
- Originators vs Homage Covers
- COVER-Tribute
...and similar:
- Cover-Art-Unidentical-Twins

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