Part "Five"- Thugly, More Ugly and Dazzling(?!) Covers list

By D.JKruliq D.JKruliq
updated 6 months ago

No offense to anyone here. Am not against most ☺f the musical artists included, Ok! ...except for N-'Stync-type TOP40 (Get the reference?!) wonder fudge. Some c☻vers are so weird, even comments can't help them, heh heh. Please enjoy friends, strangers and all who stumbled here. Suggestions and reasonably obnoxious comments are welcome. Try to be open minded [with an empt-ier stomach] and thank you again all. Peace to all humanity!!

  1. Schytts - Samling Vid Pumpen - Hålligång 11

    Bet these guys never toured North America or even outside their country, or am I wrong?! Hint, think about their name for a minute and that guy sitting on a [◄] latrine... okay? Wouldn't you go to a Schytts and Giggles tour?!

  2. Dave Starr (2) - The Nearer The Bone The Sweeter The Meat

    2 For Sale from $7.79

    A dirty come-on or something stranger?! Either way, not sexy!

  3. Various - Wild About Jenkem

    8 For Sale from $2.30

    Jenkem must have been one fabulous upstanding citizen, heh.

  4. CIV - All Twisted

    28 For Sale from $3.10

    So twisted, it's true! In a good way? ...No.

  5. Arab Strap - Quiet Violence

    6 For Sale from $32.47

    Is this S&M gone astray? Strange!!

  6. Various - BananaSplit

    Hey, where's the rest of the split? Oh... he swallowed that first ...probably.

  7. The Frivolous Five - Sour Cream & Other Delights

    Have no delights in looking at this one upclose ever again!!

  8. The Grandmothers - Looking Up Granny's Dress

    38 For Sale from $7.99

    No No No! ...not likely, not ever!!

  9. Slammin' Unit* - Some More Pussy

    Ohhh noooo, not even close!!!

  10. Senzar - Techno Pussy

    We think not! What the ....$#%*!?

  11. hide (2) With Spread Beaver - Ever Free

    6 For Sale from $20.00

    Would've been better to hide this from our view!

  12. Blowfly - The Twisted World Of Blowfly

    Doesn't he mean ugly as in thugly instead of twisted?

  13. Artisti Vari - Astina Astina Tipompomele

    Maybe, one of those fingers should have poked his eyes out?!

  14. Various - Rock Age

    1 For Sale from $28.74

    Just wide enough to be Steven Tyler's (Aerosmith) mouth? Pretty ugly cover.

  15. Jonas Hellborg - Axis

    14 For Sale from $7.93

    This guy's set of teeth are in an axis of strange proportions. Look closer ;-P

  16. Hybrid Children - Honeymoon In Babylon

    9 For Sale from $2.55

    A some-sort of hell is more like it.

  17. Those Who Survived The Plague - Dad's Done, Mom

    14 For Sale from $2.53

    Headcheese anyone? Haha! :-D

  18. Cocks In Stained Satin - Welcome To The Trasher Dome

    10 For Sale from $8.05

    Pretty hideously trashy art, close up. Ughhhh.

  19. Foxy - Party Boys

    Where are the girls, err... at?!