Party Girl: Leo's Record Collection Gets Reorganized

By bitonti bitonti
updated 4 months ago

In the 1995 movie "Party Girl" the DJ character Leo (Guillermo Díaz) comes home and discovers that his prized record collection has been sorted according to a variant of the Dewey Decimal system (perfact for small collections). His roommate Mary (Parker Posey), is the librarian in training responsible for the reorganization. With Leonard distraught, Mary helps him pull tracks for his set that night. In a frantic montage, these are the records he requests, roughly in the order he requested them:

  1. Sylvester - You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)

    83 For Sale from $2.00

    cross listed under disco classics and divas, male

  2. India - The Lover Who Rocks You (All Night)

    96 For Sale from $0.89

    Leo calls it "The Lover Who Rocks Me"

  3. Jungle Brothers - On The Road Again / Simple As That

    32 For Sale from $1.00

    Leo calls it "My Jimmy Weighs A Ton"

  4. Madonna - Rain

    26 For Sale from $4.50

    Leo asks for Madonna's Up Down Suite which was the B side of Rain. SHEP PETTIBONE!