Paul Oakenfold - Essential Mix (1995-09-17) (Perfecto Party)

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Tracks played by Oakenfold during his 5th Essential Mix appearance. Even though its billed as a live mix, there's not crowd noises and some reviews by folks who saw this set live noted he played better here than at the actual event. Probably a studio mix, but still a banging one at that. Kind of a best of 1995 IMO.

  1. B.T.* Featuring Vincent Covello - Loving You More

    29 For Sale from $1.35

    Loving You More (B.T.'s Garden Of Ima Dub)

  2. Wild Colour - Dreams

    127 For Sale from $0.11

    Dreams (BT's Circadian Dream)

  3. Tilt - I Dream

    33 For Sale from $1.67

    I Dream (Casa De Angeles Mix)

  4. Quivver - Believe In Me

    76 For Sale from $0.13

    Believe In Me (Original Q Mix)

  5. Grace - Skin On Skin / Orange

    11 For Sale from $4.73

    Orange (Original Perfecto Mix)

    aka Skin on Skin (Orange).

  6. Grace - I Want To Live

    116 For Sale from $0.51

    I Want To Live (Rollo & Sister Bliss Big Mix)

  7. Crescendo - Are You Out There

    92 For Sale from $1.12

    Are You Out There (Original Mix)

  8. Remake - Blade Runner

    27 For Sale from $3.36

    Blade Runner

    There's possibly a unknown track played inbetween Are You Out There and this.

  9. Shady (6) - Pearls (Hallelujah)

    21 For Sale from $0.63

    Pearls (Hallelujah)(Paul Gotel's Pacha Soundscape mix)

    Cover of the Sade song of the same name, off of Love Deluxe. Vocals by Leee John of Imagination.

  10. Bump - I'm Rushin' '95

    91 For Sale from $0.44

    I'm Rushin' '95 (Bump '95 Mix)

  11. Desert - Moods

    14 For Sale from $3.00

    Moods (Club Mix)

  12. Jimmy Somerville - By Your Side

    55 For Sale from $0.63

    By Your Side (The Shining Mix)

    Remix by Biff N Memphis.

  13. Traci Lords - Fallen Angel

    36 For Sale from $1.22

    Fallen Angel (Perfecto Mix)

  14. Third Eye - Ancient Future

    3 For Sale from $33.60

    You Know

  15. The Prodigy - Music For The Jilted Generation

    35 For Sale from $28.09


    Part 2 of The Narcotic Suite

  16. Man With No Name - Floor-Essence

    54 For Sale from $1.27

    Floor-Essence (Dayglo Mix)

    Also played during by Oakenfold on his Goa Mix.

  17. E-Type - This Is The Way

    13 For Sale from $0.22

    This Is The Way (Biff N Memphis Instrumental)

  18. E'voke - Runaway

    67 For Sale from $0.78

    Runaway (Biff 'n' Memphis 12")

  19. Virus - Sun

    63 For Sale from $1.11

    Sun (Jam El Mar Mix)