People who are kind of underwater

By amoebasinger
updated 13 days ago

I realized there was a pretty good potential list here. I don't think we're going to see Nirvana Nevermind on here, but try to keep it to the roads less traveled.

  1. 11 For Sale from $7.65

    She underwater af
    Is she carrying her purse too? I'm thinking she got pushed. Who is going to wear their purse into the water for a photo shoot?

  2. She underwater af

  3. The original... sort of.
    When you see this one irl, you might find out that her feet are huge. I mean, these are some flippers. I guess you could be a model, and they never focus in on your feet, but here they do. Those feet are some monsters right there.
    One of the other girls is wearing a silky shawl too, underwater. I think we are going to be examining these to see if that is an underwater fashion trend.