Philadelphia artists

By LilOlGirl LilOlGirl
updated 5 months ago

All of these artists that come from Philly.

  1. 1

    Cool C

    Cool C

    Free Cool C and Steady B. Pioneers of Philly rap.

  2. Jaguar Wright

    She's a princess in the making. My favorite.

  3. Vivian Green

    She is a very good singer. I can give you that.

  4. Cassidy (3)

    Cassidy is such a guy. His battle skills makes him the first priority of this.

  5. Boyz II Men

    These guys are my favorite group.

  6. Ms. Jade

    Ms. Jade is one of those female rappers who can do better... At least.

  7. Patti LaBelle

    Patti LaBelle is my all-time favorite! Ahhhhhh!

  8. The Roots

    Black Thought is the center of the band. The Roots are my favorite.

  9. 11



    He's bringing the soul of Philadelphia to another level.

  10. Kelly Monaco

    Kelly Monaco, as seen on ABC's "General Hospital".

  11. 13

    Eve (2)

    Eve (2)

    Eve is a female Philly rap legend. She kills!

  12. Sabrina Carpenter

    She does it for the Phil. Hot, beautiful, lacy, sexy.

  13. Lil Uzi Vert

    Push me to the edge... All my friends are dead.

  14. 17

    G. Love

    G. Love

    Better as a solo artist.

  15. e-dubble

    Rest easy, E-Dub.

  16. D.O.E Boy Philly

    Amazing for a rapper overweighted.

  17. 20



    "Soul Sister" was one of my favorite tracks. Thanks, Bilal.

  18. James Mtume

    Although not an artist alone, his involvement with Mtume during "Juicy Fruit" was something legendary.

  19. The Heath Brothers

    These guys were really good pioneers in Philly music.

  20. Philly’s Most Wanted

    They were definitely the most wanted. What happened to them?

  21. First Choice

    Wow! Disco back then...

  22. The Delfonics

    Ready or not... Here I come... You can't hide.