Phoneys Faves in 2009

By DJ_Phoney DJ_Phoney
updated over 9 years ago

Random odered list of some of my faves that were released in the year 2009.

  1. Bibio - Ambivalence Avenue

    22 For Sale from $28.18

    Guess I have rarely listened to any of this years releases as much as this one.

  2. Kelpe - Cambio Wechsel

    Another great output by Kelpe after the stunning "Ex-Aquarium". Definitely among my faves for 2009.

  3. Adrian Younge - Black Dynamite (Original Score To The Motion Picture)

    7 For Sale from $44.94

    Sounds damn authentically like a really good 70s Blaxploitation-soundtrack. Listened to it quite often so it has to be among my faves for 2009.

  4. DeRobert & The Half-Truths - Wake On Up

    9 For Sale from $5.99

    Strong Funk 45. The music and the attitude are my cup of tea. One of the singles I been spinning the most in 2009.

  5. The Soul Investigators - Mo' Hash / Micro Popcorn

    4 For Sale from $18.99

    Dark, heavy Funk. Played this a lot. Soul Rabbi recommended the 45 to me during one of our we-play-songs-to-each-other-through-the-phone sessions. ;)