Photos Of Engineers At The Console

By baldorr
updated 4 days ago

I don't know why I started doing this, but I've always felt the majority of photos where you see the engineer at the console either look so fake and posed, or are just universally stupid looking. Any time I'm on an engineer's profile and they have a photo where they are at the console, I've saved it to this list. There are some exceptions where the photos are very nice! This isn't just the bad ones, but all of them.

But, the absolute G.O.A.T. of engineer console photos is this photo of Neal Pogue (no longer primary, come on!). I mean, it's perfect!

Some of the real juicy photos might be secondary images and not the primary, so be sure to click through on some of them.

  1. The best photo:

  2. This is one of the rare exceptions where this is actually a great photo. Enjoy the rest of the funny ones.

  3. We have another one standing on console!!