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Missing in Discogs:
Hervé Tholance: La vieille dame joue au flipper
Deanna Bogart: 11th Hour (2009)
Copper Blue: Oldies and Goodies (2006)
Darren Eedens; Pinball Session (2014)
Elfin Saddle: Pinball Sessions (2014)
Elton John: Boston 2005
Sauveur Mallia: Music Force (1985)
Next Fix: Next Fix (2011)
Randolph Rose: Excuse Me Miss Bikini (I Beg Your Pardon) (1977)
Tony Spinelli: Elisha & the Penny Arcade (2003)
Surfing New Jersey: Pinball Fever (2010)
The Voyces: Love Arcade (2006)
Winter Break: Suckin' Ass at Pinball (2011)
Quality Sound Series - Super Rock & Roll [Compilation]
Rig Rock Truck Stop: Another Collection of Diesel Only Records (1993)