By narcisco
updated over 2 years ago

(Incomplete) list of versions of the famous, or according to some people infamous song 'Popcorn'.
The list is still in progress. Quite a few versions aren't yet submitted to discogs.
I tried to add the release year of the different versions as accurate as possible, based on the information here on discogs.
Please contact me if you see another one that should be added, or if a certain Popcorn release in this list should be excluded beacuse it's not a version of the song orginally written by Gershon Kingsley. Thanks!
By the way, I don't own an/or even haven't heard every single version in this list. :-)

For more information about different versions of Popcorn, see this excellent site: http://www.popcorn-song.com/

  1. 1969.
    The original version. Probably still the best.

  2. 7 For Sale from $20.00

    Palomitas De Maiz,
    Not sure if this really came out in 1971 as listed on Discogs at the moment, as most, if not all but Kingsley's own versions came after the Hot Butter version.

  3. 32 For Sale from $1.63

    Not sure which exact version this is.

  4. 1972.
    Different version than the 1969 one.

  5. 1 For Sale from $0.54

    Probably the most well known version.

  6. 61 For Sale from $0.49

    Very similar to the Hot Butter one.

  7. 1972.
    This version has added lyrics.

  8. 1972.
    Version by Jean-Michel Jarre.

  9. 4 For Sale from $20.65

    Spanish vocal version.

  10. 1972.
    Finnish vocal version.

  11. 13 For Sale from $2.55

    Apparently there are different versions with French, German, Spanish and Italian lyrics.
    The French and German version seem to be the only ones in Discogs now.

  12. 20 For Sale from $2.85

    Tom Spencer (4) – Pop Corn

  13. 9 For Sale from $2.72

    Gro Anita, Inger Lise Og Stein – Popcorn

  14. 21 For Sale from $1.09

    Weiße Bohnen (Pop Corn).
    German vocal version.