Post Acid House 1990-1991 (303 Tunes)

updated over 2 years ago

The period immediately after the acid house craze of 1988-1989.

A feeble attempt to include as many tracks of various genres which contain a 303. Albeit sampled or just used as an accompaniment or sound effect.

Concentrating between 1990-1991. A transitional era. The period prior to the proper, full-on acid attack revival of 1992-1993. Which helped spawn hard techno, acid techno, hard trance, breakcore, trance etc throughout the '90s.

After the acid house scene kind of faded out in late 1989. The 303 (acid) was encompassed, incorporated and sampled within other styles, genres and mutations. Including; deep house, new beat, detroit house & techno, NY house, belgian techno, hardcore, breakbeat, rave and other electronic styles. Although 'acid house' itself was still evident in some form here and there.

Many thanks to hutcho for the extra contribution :)

  1. UR* - The Final Frontier

    The Final Frontier

  2. E-Dancer - Pump The Move / Grab The Beat

    26 For Sale from $7.85

    Grab The Beat (Joey Beltram Remix)

  3. Le Mystere - On The Beat

    10 For Sale from $99.00

    Opus 303

  4. Mental Generation - Slam

    Slam (Shake's Revenge)

  5. Unit 93 - Trust No One

    25 For Sale from $1.35

    Trust No One / One More Story

    Classic British underground warehouse classic. Truly underrated imo.

  6. Radical Rhythms - EP

    21 For Sale from $1.25

    Whats That??

  7. 6 Bells All - Overdrive

    11 For Sale from $2.24

    Overdrive / Out Of Here

  8. Maximum Peak - Overload

    38 For Sale from $3.69


  9. Energy Storm - Volume 1

    22 For Sale from $6.33

    Love Energy (Bijlmermix) samples the acid from Zsa Zsa Laboum's - Something Scary

    Command Your Soul contains some subtle acid aswell.