Post Punk

By Emberglance
updated over 5 years ago

  1. 27 For Sale from $65.22

    FACT10: First UK Press 1979

    - Apparently there is a certain logic that calls the whole first run of 10, 000 copies pressed by WEA Records Pressing Plant in West Drayton and sold until October 1979, regardless of variations, "initial pressing". Another 10.000 copies were sold until Mid 1980. Reissued / repressed again in July 1980 (2nd Edition) and still a "porky prime cut".

    Textured outer sleeve printed glossy inner sleeve with square corners
    Vinyl is opaque/solid black. 1 stamper ring

    Lacquer cut at Porky

  2. 33 For Sale from $32.60

    FACT 25 First UK Press

    Cover: matt watercolour board, off white/cream. Inside cover: matt watercolour board, pure white, rounded corners with trim at top opening.

    Runout grooves:
    OLD BLUE? (in different handwriting to...) FACT 25 A1
    FACT 25 B-1 (in different handwriting to how the cat. number appears on A1)

  3. 37 For Sale from $16.30

    Released in clothbound "hessian" gatefold cover with a white ribbon. Inner-sleeves are die-cut cardboard. The labels are grey on white. A limited number with blue on white labels exist, too. There also are editions with a pale blue ribbon existing.

  4. 72 For Sale from $8.70

    First UK edition, 1980 with embossed centre image on sleeve.
    Lacquer Cut By – Porky

  5. 31 For Sale from $24.27

    This first Lyntone pressing from 1980 has a laminated sleeve.
    Lacquer Cut By – Porky
    Pressed By – Lyntone Recordings Ltd. – LYN 8536
    Mastered At – Utopia Studios

  6. 11 For Sale from $16.29

    Pressed on dark red translucent vinyl. It can only be differentiated when holding against a strong light source. The sleeve is identical but printed on a matt cardboard while the black vinyl issue is pressed on very glossy cardboard.

    First UK Pressing Variant from 1980 - Rear sleeve has 'UK' printed at bottom.
    Mastered By – Porky

  7. 47 For Sale from $26.09

    First UK Press 1981, A2 Pressing
    Lacquer Cut At – The Town House

  8. 44 For Sale from $8.68

    4ad, 1980
    Mastered At – Utopia Studios
    Pressed By – Lyntone Recordings Ltd. – LYN-9010
    Pressed By – Lyntone Recordings Ltd. – LYN-9011