Prince Collection

By Dennisobrink Dennisobrink
updated about 1 month ago

All items I have collected on CD and/or Vinyl regarding Prince, TAFKAP, The Artist, The Revolution, The NPG and all associated artists.

  1. Prince And The New Power Generation - Gett Off

    Prince reportedly had 1500 copies pressed to give away in honor of his own 33rd birthday. It's the only release with this unique "damn near 10 minutes" version.

  2. Prince - The Rainbow Children

    11 For Sale from $475.00

    Only 1000 vinyls where pressed!

  3. Prince & The New Power Generation - One Nite Alone... Live!

    16 For Sale from $149.99

    The regular retail version without ONA Piano.

  4. Prince - Come

    12 For Sale from $135.23

  5. Prince - Soft And Wet

    9 For Sale from $2.27

    Original 1977 in generic sleeve

  6. Prince And The New Power Generation - Love Symbol

    49 For Sale from $30.68

    This is the "clean version". (Backmasked profanities)