Prog/Avant Rock&Jazz

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372 Masterpieces of Progressive Rock/Jazz Rock/Alternative in my collectIion. RECORDING DATES STARTING FROM 1958.
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  1. Ornette Coleman - Something Else!!!!

    1958...First recording of O.C. - Older Album of this list, but still one of the greatest surprise.

  2. Carla Bley, Paul Haines - Escalator Over The Hill

    Carla Bley + Infinite Guest STARS !!!

  3. Miles Davis - Live-Evil

    This Masterwork and Excalator over the hill are the….Best STAR-STUDDED ALBUM EVER !!!
    featuring :Ermeto, Airto, Holland, Zawinul, Shorter, Grossmann, Bartz, McLaughlin, Jarrett , Corea, Hancock, Cobham, De Johnette, etc ……….

  4. Miles Davis - In A Silent Way

    Ultra Seminal
    With….Williams, Mc Laughlin, Zawinul, Shorter, Holland, Corea, Hancock !!!!!

  5. Henry Cow, Slapp Happy - In Praise Of Learning

    One of the True Masterworks of Progressive Music of the 20th century

  6. Soft Machine - Third

    with Moon in June…...

  7. Leroy Jenkins, The Jazz Composer's Orchestra - For Players Only

    With Dave Holland, Anthony Braxton, Mike Mantler, Art ensemble of Chicago and many many others for a great album….

  8. Miles Davis - Bitches Brew

    The "Brain" album of Jazz

  9. Henry Cow - Concerts

    Document of an Era

  10. Herbie Hancock - Crossings

    Herbie's Spiritual Masterwork

  11. John Coltrane - Om

    Free Spiritual Masterwork from The Supreme Spiritual Artist

  12. The Mothers Of Invention* - Freak Out!

    1966...The coming of a New generation of Artists