Prynwyd 2018

By ndafis ndafis
updated about 1 year ago

Bopeth brynais i yn 2018. Everything I bought in 2018.

  1. Y Niwl - 5

    1 For Sale from $26.20

  2. The Fall - New Facts Emerge

    29 For Sale from $7.65

    Birthday present from my sister, Julia.

  3. St. Vincent - St. Vincent

    15 For Sale from $13.50

    Had the CD, not played enough.

  4. St. Vincent - Masseduction

    33 For Sale from $14.34

    Cwympo nôl mewn cariad ag Annie un noson ar YouTube.

  5. The Fall - Live At The Witch Trials

    35 For Sale from $17.00

    Starting to complete The Fall collection, from the beginning.

  6. 5th Dimension* - The Very Best Of 5th Dimension

    28 For Sale from $2.55

    Now have 2 copies of this, which is unnecessary.

  7. The Mamas & The Papas - 20 Greatest Hits

    75 For Sale from $1.18

    Everyone needs a Mamas & Papas compilation.

  8. Various - Non Stop Disco Fever

    19 For Sale from $3.93

    Well, this is something.

  9. Dusty Springfield - Dusty Springfield In Memphis . . . Plus

    10 For Sale from $19.65

    I bought a recent repress of the original Memphis a couple of weeks ago, so of course this would turn up in a local charity shop.

  10. Link Wray And The Wraymen* - The Original 1958 Cadence Sessions

    9 For Sale from $15.00

    A random pick from the DOL series of represses.

  11. The Mothers Of Invention* - We're Only In It For The Money

    44 For Sale from $17.25

    Always had a bit of a Zappa blind spot. Not sure how far this has gone to clarifying things. What is it about Zappa that bothers me?

  12. David Bowie - Young Americans

    123 For Sale from $16.00

    Filling up the Bowie collection. Not a huge fan of this one, to be honest.

  13. Bowie* - Diamond Dogs

    147 For Sale from $10.00

    Slowly building up my Bowie collection.

  14. Various - Shirley Inspired

    27 For Sale from $19.48

    Casglu Shirley, Bonnie, Trembling Bells, Alasdair R, Ghost Boxers etc

  15. Dusty Springfield - Dusty In Memphis

    15 For Sale from $18.00

    Clasur y 60au. Methu aros i ffeindio copi ail-law bellach.

  16. Shirley Collins & Dolly Collins* - Anthems In Eden

    16 For Sale from $17.59

    Mae hyn 'da fi ar CD ers sbel, ond braf ei gael ar feinyl.

  17. Midnight Circuitry - Morphosis

    2 For Sale from $11.00

    Adolygiad yn Dukes of Scuba #3, gwrando ar Bandcamp, archebu.

  18. Sonic Youth - Sonic Youth

    65 For Sale from $16.00

    Ail-wampio fy nghasgliad SY yn ara deg. Prynu un newydd bob hyn a hyn, ble mae "rheswm da".

  19. Mythic Sunship - Land Between Rivers

    3 For Sale from $30.00

    Lico popeth ar y label hwn. Anodd beidio prynu popeth. Paid prynu popeth.