Psych, Prog + Spacerock + Mathrock + Postrock + Artrock

By TiemoOTheYordle TiemoOTheYordle
updated about 1 year ago

yeah IK yall think this shit is too broad but fuck you I have a lot of lists as it is and I'm just gonn say that they're all related to things that initiated in progressive rock

  1. Gila (2)

    Superb experimental krautrock

  2. 2



    dank dled
    German Krautrock, jazz fusion band based in Ulm and formed in 1970. After a break of ten years, the group reunited in 2000.

    Hellmut Hattler (Bass)
    Jan Fride (Drums)
    Peter Wolbrandt (Guitar)

  3. Jet Jaguar (4)

    crazy phased out scifi space rock with Roland

  4. Karda Estra

    Project of Richard Wileman and friends. Karda Estra largely play neo-classical type instrumental music with a rock aesthetic, often with a very soundtrack like feel.

  5. Naikaku

    Japanese prog rock band active from 1998 to 2010. Good instrumental

    Kazumi Suzuki (2), Mitsuo Muraoka, Satoshi Kobayashi (3)

  6. Pochakaite Malko

    psychedelic jap prog. good instrumental techy fast stuff

    Junzo Tateiwa, Kazuo Ogino, Shigekazu Kuwahara, Tomohiro Ueno

  7. Von Zamla

    Zamla Mammaz Manna side project

  8. Ramlösa Kvällar - Ramlösa Kvällar

    Some weird Lars holmer folk accordion shit

  9. Island (4)

    4/5 but some tracks suck

  10. Project Z (3)

    Dank Jimmy herring fusiony jamband

  11. Attention Deficit (2)

    Get!! Primus meets weather report and Holdsworth meets Jeff Beck group!!

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