Punky Reggae Party

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List of punk (and also hardcore, new wave, post-punk, indie rock, metal...) bands who have strong reggae/dub influences (or reggae/dub artists close to punk rock), and labels who build a Punky Reggae Party discography.
Not included here:
- Ska-punk bands except those who make some reggae and dub songs.
- Artists that made only one reggae or dub song (Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys, Blondie, Cro-Mags, Nausea (2), Soulside (2), Dropkick Murphys, Roger Miret & The Disasters, ...)

  1. 8°6 Crew

    French skinhead reggae and ska (with some dub tracks) band who also did some Oi! punk tracks. Members play or have played in Happy Kolo, Survet Skins, Upten, Ya Basta !, Acapulco Gold (3), Les Ejectés, Karbala 413, La Souris Déglinguée, Ahorcados, Komintern sect, ...

  2. Abracadaboum

    French punk label that released some punky reggae artists like Autonomads, Black Star Dub Collective or Braindead (8)

  3. A Burning Experience

    French collaborative electro/ambient dub band featuring members of punk group Burning Heads and members of industrial band Near Death Experience.

  4. Adrian Sherwood

    British producer, founder of electro dub label On-U Sound.
    Formed Singers & Players (featuring members of punk bands The Slits, Public Image Limited, Rip Rig & Panic, The Pop Group with reggae singers Prince Far I, Jah Woosh or Bim Sherman)
    Produced or remixed Flux* - Uncarved Block, Einstürzende Neubauten, Depeche Mode, Cabaret Voltaire, Nine Inch Nails, The Fall, Jah Wobble, The Cure, Blur, Ministry...

  5. The Age Of Venus Records

    French punk/hardcore label (25 Ta Life, Jetsex, Murphy's Law (2), Right 4 Life, Gravity Slaves...) that also released some reggae and dub records (Afrikan Simba, Jah Warrior, Miniman, Seven Seals, Peter Broggs, Prince Alla, ...)

  6. Agent 86 (2)

    American punk/melodic hardcore band formed in 1982 in Arcata, California, having since transitioned to various other cities (Eugene, Oregon, Washington DC, Seattle and most recently Las Vegas, Nevada). Had a lot of reggae songs.

  7. The Aggrolites

    American skinhead reggae/early reggae/ska band that released some records on Hellcat Records.
    The group backed various artists like Tim Armstrong, Derrick Morgan, Phyllis Dillon, Scotty (2), Joseph Hill of Culture or Prince Buster.

  8. The AK47's

    Early 1990's
    British band that played a mix of punk, ska, reggae, dub and Irish folk with political lyrics.
    Some members maybe also played in Squid 58 and Roughneck Sounds (with members of A.O.S.3.).

  9. Alternative TV

    British punk/post punk band formed by Mark Perry (editor of Sniffin' Glue fanzine) and Alex Fergusson (who later be in Psychic TV with Throbbing Gristle members). They were one of the first punk band to have reggae and dub influences.

  10. Amanda Woodward

    French emocore/screamo/punk band that have some dub parts in some songs.

  11. Antikörper Export

    German punk label that released some records by Autonomads, Braindead (8), Black Star Dub Collective or Conscious Youth (2).

  12. Anti Social Workers

    British punky reggae band. They released one record produced by Mad Professor, one of their member would later play in Oi! bands Complete Control (2) and The Blaggers.

  13. A.O.S.3.

    1990-1995, 2007-...
    British punky reggae band. Toured regularly with bands such as Radical Dance Faction, Citizen Fish, Culture Shock (3) and Back To The Planet. Their vocalist formed P.A.I.N. with members of Radical Dance Faction, Suicide Bid, Paranoid Visions...

  14. 15



    French 60's ska/rocksteady/early reggae/dub project formed by members of various bands of various styles (punk, chanson, ska, alternative rock, noise rock, reggae, indie rock, dub...): Edgar De L'Est, Les Have-Nots, Rageous Gratoons, Straw Dogs (5), Wet Furs, Moon Hop, Les Touffes Kretiennes, Sleeppers, Turbobilly, Lareplik, ...
    Horns players of ASPO appear on the Be One With The Flames album of punk band Burning Heads for a cover of Scotty (2) - Draw Your Brakes.

  15. 16



    British reggae band that played at the Rock Against Racism concert at Brockwell Park in south London, alongside Stiff Little Fingers and Elvis Costello. The band was also the first roots reggae group to tour in the punk scene, with Eddie And The Hot Rods, The Clash...

  16. Audioweb

    1991-1999, 2016-....
    British band that play a mix of reggae, electronic music and indie rock.

  17. 18



    French punk rock/colwave band that did some dub tracks. Some members would form Gom Jabbar Dc (with raggamuffin singer Puppa Leslie, produced by Mad Professor), Spartak Dub Commando, Dub Wiser or postcore band Dirge.

  18. Autonomads

    British political ska-punk-reggae-dub band à la Inner Terrestrials/A.O.S.3./P.A.I.N.. Members also play in Black Star Dub Collective, Conscious Youth (2), Holiday (6).
    The group covered Linton Kwesi Johnson's "Fight Dem Back".

  19. Babylon Fighters

    French reggae dub band that was part of the french alternative scene of the 80's, sharing the stage with bands like Bérurier Noir, Ludwig Von 88, O.T.H. (2), Mano Negra, Les Satellites, Les Sheriff or Fafafa but also opened for Nirvana, Sonic Youth or Burning Spear.
    Their member Laurent Malfois (previously in punk band Kommando Holger Meins) founded the mythic Kronchtadt Tapes label.
    One of their drummer previously played in Oi! band Blank SS.
    Babylon Fighters released some records on labels like Bondage Records or Kronchtadt Tapes (and even major company Ariola), reissues on Crash Disques and gave tracks to compilations done by Gougnaf Mouvement, On A Faim ! or Folklore De La Zone Mondiale.
    After the end of the band, members would play in Prohibeat, General O & Dr Kobe, Les Naufragés, Seven Dub, Dread Blood Clash or Guerilla (with some members of Dirty District).

  20. The Babylon Whackers

    UK band formed by members of The Filaments and King Prawn playing a mix of ska, punk and dub. Their album contains guest appearances by members of The King Blues and Suicide Bid.

  21. Back To The Planet

    1989-1995, 2006-....
    British band that play a mix of punk, ska, dub and electronic dance music. The group played in many free parties. Members would be involved in various projects (acid house, techno, punk, indie rock, drum & bass...) : Monkeyrush, Geezer, Audio Pancake, Ripe Analogue Waveforms (RAW), Dogshite, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Hydraulix, Conflict (2)...

  22. Bad Brains

    1977-1995, 1998-....
    American hardcore punk band with lyrics dealing with rastafarism, also do a lot of reggae or dub tracks, including a cover of [=Dennis Brown]'s "Revolution".

  23. Barry Reynolds

    British guitarist, known for playing with Marianne Faithful on the new wave influenced Broken English album. Joined the Compass Point All Stars with Jamaican musicians like Mikey Chung, Uziah "Sticky" Thompson or Sly & Robbie who recorded some post punk/dub influenced artists like Grace Jones, Tom Tom Club, Black Uhuru).

  24. Basement 5

    British band that played a mix of reggae dub and punk rock during the post punk era. Some members include Don Letts (DJ who introduced reggae music to punk rockers, later member of Big Audio Dynamite, Screaming Target), Dennis Morris (who made photographies of reggae artists Bob Marley, The Heptones, U-Roy, Big Youth, Linton Kwesi Johnson, King Tubby... and punk and post punk bands Sex Pistols, Public Image Limited, Skids or XTC), Leo Williams (later in Big Audio Dynamite, Screaming Target, Dreadzone and Carbon/Silicon), Richard Dudanski (previously in The 101'ers with Joe Strummer, then Public Image Limited and The Raincoats).