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Rare UK independent down tempo street soul releases: privately pressings, small run white labels and rare indie releases.

  1. 12 For Sale from $9.68

    Mega rare indie UK street soul from the Jetstar camp... Did a google search but no copies came up!!! Club mix on A side... but flip for killer breakdown mix on B side... This copy came from an ex employee who worked at Jetstar so possibly one of a limited number of test presses. Comes in jetstar 12" sleeve. Number one (and possibly the only release) on Too Sweet Records. Record company name stamped in red on both sides. Also stamped [black] with artist and track title on A side and PO Box number and telephone number on B side. Dancehall style vocal over breaks by Joseph Cotton. Rare and exclusive vinyl for the deep crate diggers.

  2. 9 For Sale from $2.63

    ULTRA RARE PROMO: single sided stamped white label sampler for the album 'B-Funk released the year before the commercial release was available. Quality smooth groove UK club soul for the white label crate diggers!