Rainy Day Italo

By Automaticamore Automaticamore
updated 5 months ago

People get bored on rainy days. People who listen to Italo get bored easily (hence why we love such amusing music). As a result, may I present this synergistic list of Italo-Disco songs that are themed on rain or rainy days, which I made while especially bored during a bleak and wet afternoon. YOU'RE WELCOME, THE WORLD!

PSA: Most of these are terrible.

  1. Brando - Rainy Day

    The finest of Raintalo.

  2. Angie - Clouds

    I actually really like this shitty Raintalo.

  3. Riky Maltese - Rainy Day

    Riky Maltese at his most emotional, poised by a a glass window, looking wistfully out into -- you guessed it -- THE RAIN.

  4. M. Claude - Rain Dance

    7 For Sale from $4.48

    Not the worst Raintalo, to be sure.

  5. Luciana (8) - Like A Rainy Day

    Also not the worst Raintalo (the bar is low, people).

  6. Anthony & Rose - Love Is Everywhere

    Track A3 is the requisite Raintalo track.

  7. Ho-Saï* - Pouring Rain / Get Back

    The sexy sax on this Raintalo boner jam is the worst. It makes all of my orifices seal over instantly, which is counterintuitive to what I believe the sexy sax intends to accomplish. NO DICE!

  8. Beata & Al Musci - Rain Or Shine

    4 For Sale from $21.35

    Al Musci sounds like he must smell.

  9. Marcello (2) - Standing In The Rain

    Great news -- Marcello only released a single Raintalo and no other songs! Probably because this is ... not good.

  10. Moser Moser - El Parasol

    Torrential Espantalo.

  11. Citizen's - In The Rain

    Precipitating Dutchtalo.

  12. Fake - Arabian Toys

    Not sure Fake counts as Italo (Swedetalo?), really, but the b-side sure is a raindrop jam.

  13. Krypton (5) - Raining In My Heart

    Okay, so it's really about inner turmoil, but it's kind of fun to think of your heart pumping blood as a horrible deluge of bio-rain.

  14. Air America - Pray For Rain

    8 For Sale from $1.57

    This is more about how it's not raining and should (as a metaphor, primarily), so we'll deem this Proto-Raintalo.

  15. Lilith (38) - Stormy Days / Evelyn

    2 For Sale from $11.24

    Again, largely metaphorical, but this qualifies!

  16. Camomilla - Touch My Soul / Rainy Days, Lonely Days

    3 For Sale from $9.56

    How are any of the women in Camomilla lonely?

  17. Valerie Dore - The Legend

    Not only is this a bizarre concept album about Arthurian legend from Ms. Dore, but it also features ... a RAINTALO. A 'Magic' Raintalo at that. I don't own this album, but I kind of find it amazing.

  18. Steve Allen - The Look Of Love

    9 For Sale from $1.40

    It's hard for me to look at Italo Steve Allen and not think of the Tonight Show's Steve Allen. Anyway, B1 is a Raintalo.

  19. Sandy Marton - White Storm In The Jungle

    Okay, so this is obviously about cocaine -- and for everyone who loves The Maxx - Cocaine, Sandy Marton sampled this 'news report' first -- but we'll pretend not to notice his ulterior meaning of 'storm'.

  20. Eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain Again

    Okay -- it's not Italo, but I feel like the most obvious 'rain'-themed (literally or metaphorically) of 80s synth tracks must make the list.

  21. Polyart - Loved By The Rain / Bandiera

    2 For Sale from $19.09

    Many thanks to the mastermind of the greatest Italo lists out there, wiz_of_oz, for this 7"-only raintalo that -- wait for it -- is actually not bad!