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Whether it be albums from a one album band, singles, or LPs from bands that I probably won't review the rest of their discography something should be here of interest.

  1. Blind Faith (2) - Blind Faith

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    Blind Faiths only album was released in 1969. Blind Faith was a supergroup featuring half of Cream. Eric Clapton on guitar, Rick Grech on bass, Ginger. Baker on drums, and Steve Winwood on keyboards and vocals. This album features only a mere six song setlist the first song, Had To Cry Today is an attention grabbing start to an album though towards the middle it loses it's special flair it started off with. It carries on for nearly 9 minutes which is a stretch for this song in particular. Maybe it's the fact that the song is a little more than repetitive but it loses your attention by the end of the song. The next song is the bands seminal song Can't Find My Way Home. This song is a rather quiet and relaxed beat played on a classical guitar and sung in a falsetto. It would have been a better album had they used the 5 minute electric version as seen on the internet. The bridge to this album is a song called Well Alright. This song is rather poppy for my taste but it is a very catchy chorus to sing along to. This song features some interesting vocal effects and some cool vibrato on the guitar though it's pretty bland otherwise. The next song is Presence Of The Lord which is supposed to be the very relaxed and easy tempo song. I personally enjoy the song's melody and find it to be one of my personal favorites on this album. The fifth track on the album is Sea Of Joy which has a really cool intro that I dig a lot. This song is rather wild with its tempo changes. It starts off fast then it goes into an andante verse. The last song is the big showpiece of the album. The 15 minute jam song called Do What You Like. This song instantly starts in a verse as if it was a late start for the recording microphones. The song features a solo from each member of the band the keyboard solo by Winwood is pretty right feeling for this song the guitar solo by Clapton is also exceptional then came the bass solo by Grech which is sort of the brief break of the song then it jumps into Baker's drum solo which is magnificent Ginger blasts us through this marvelous two minute drum solo and man it's just perfect. Then afterward it jumps back into a final verse and then the big ending. This album is good to listen to but is rather lacking in presence in a way maybe it's the little confidence drawn from all these young men at this point who were still new to the music scene. 7/10

  2. Baker Gurvitz Army - Elysian Encounter

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    In 1975 this album was released but Ginger Baker had already seen his big heyday with Cream. This band if anything was a sort of mid seventies style repeat of Cream. A lot less blues and psychedelic and a lot more arena rock and straight forward rock. This album at times may feel a little uninspired but at other times shines like the North Star at midnight. It has very high high points and not really any lows but more or less just boring moments. This album feels a bit long for the style of material on it but it seems to keep things interesting through most of the album. My personal favorite track on this album was the first track on the album called People it's a pretty sweet beat going on in the song and is pretty altogether funky. The longest track on this album is only 6 and a half minutes long and there are eight tracks on this album. It's a pretty medium sized album but it seems to feel a lot longer than it is which isn't a positive thing to this album. The thing they could've done to do better on that part is change things up a bit more on each song. Altogether I would say this album is quite a good piece to the Baker Gurvitz Army. A pretty good album for something I just picked up spur of the moment at the record store. 8/10

  3. King Crimson - Cat Food / Groon

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    This 7" single from 1970 was a promo for King Crimson's second album In The Wake Of Poseidon it features one song from the album called Cat Food and the other song was a complete spur of the moment free atonal jam by Robert Fripp, Michael Giles, and his brother Peter Giles on bass. Cat Food was shortened to fit the single it was cut from nearly 5 minutes to just under 3 minutes long it features Greg Lake on Bass and Vocals, Robert Fripp on Guitar, Michael Giles on drums, and Keith Tippett on Piano. This album is funky and little piano pieces are quite wild and atonal Greg Lake is singing quite rapid and loudly as if there is an emergency he needs to tell you about. The next song Groon is not for everyone for a lot of reasons one is it's about as atonal as anything imaginable and as polyrhythmic as possible. This song in my opinion is quite genius in the fact that it's so outrageous for a single song that it's almost unbelievable to imagine that this was a debut to King Crimson for quite a lot of people and I think that is one of the ballsiest moves a musician can make in the music industry especially today. This single is definitely worth a listen. 8.4/10

  4. Miles Davis - Bitches Brew

    Jazz Fusion had become all the rage by 1970 and Miles Davis wasn't gonna miss out on this. In 1969 he gave us a light intro to what was gonna come with In A Silent Way which is a magnificent Jazz Fusion album. Then this album showed up and changed the genre of Jazz Fusion as a whole. This album is quite different from the standard highly praised album. It's long winded and it's very very experimental and avant-garde at times. It starts off with the song Pharaoh's Dance which is a fast and uptempo song to say the least featuring two drummers on this album one completely on the right speaker and one on the complete left speaker was a genius move and is really used to a full advantage on this song in particular. This song is 20 minutes long and features a very large lineup of session musicians just jamming away. The next song is the big song and is what introduced me to this album it is the 27 minute masterpiece title track Bitches Brew it starts off with a low pitched electric piano intro breaking into an extremely dissonant explosion of music for a brief second only to go right back into the low pitched electric piano but it explodes again almost at an unpredictable time then Miles jumps in with his loud and explosive trumpet playing a repetitive not than doing this powerful note slide up in pitch then the jamming begins and takes off in full flight. The album then goes into this wild spiral of jams featuring an all star lineup of session musicians on each song this album truly knows how to keep things interesting. John McLaughlin shows how to play jazz rock guitar properly Chick Corea is a master at the electric piano, and Joe Zawinul plays the alto sax like a monster. This album is a timeless piece of art. 9.7/10

  5. Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Brain Salad Surgery

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    In 1973 ELP was already established as a strong group of musicians. This is the fourth studio album by ELP and was released on November 19 of 1973. It contains 5 songs one of which is the super song "Karn Evil 9" which is nearly 30 minutes long and is a magnificent piece of music. The highlight of the A-side of the album is the song "Still...You Turn Me On" though it features a rather cheesy wah pedal section in the chorus. Other songs such as "Toccata Ginastera" and "Benny The Bouncer" are interesting numbers on their own. I would say that this album is definitely a great listen for each track and I can't say that there is a song that I don't enjoy. This album is altogether pretty good. 8.2/10

  6. Godspeed You Black Emperor! - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven

    Lift Your Skinny Fists like Antennas To Heaven is the third and if not most seminal album it is the most commercially successful album by them. Godspeed You Black Emperor! is a nontet group from Canada and have been a driving force in the Post Rock scene as well as the Drone Rock scene. Released in 2000 it became a sort of poster child for the underground rock scene as well as being a poster child for "hipster"-esque lifestyle. There are four tracks on this album each one being between 20 and 22 minutes in length so the tracks are pretty long winded though this albums payoff for all that time spent listening is reassuring. Being that there is only four tracks on the album you wouldn't expect there would be much to say on it but I've gotta say there is an awful lot I could say about this album. It has extreme emotional highs in the music as well as really dark low points the building up done on these albums is magnificent but that is Godspeed's thing is build up. This album is a definite outsider album definitely not ones for your average pop listener but it is a really great album. 9.8/10

  7. Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma

    In 2010 I was in 6th grade and had no idea about music such as this I was still just learning about Jimi Hendrix and had just broken out of what I heard on the radio. So hearing an album and looking back on what I would have thought of this album being only 12 at the time I probably still would have found this album really awesome because on all spectrums this album is appealing to anyone for some reason though I couldn't tell you what that reason is necessarily. Flying Lotus could be summed in the statement as just "eccentric" he fuses the art of Jazz music with modern hip hop and modern techno and experimental music in general he seems almost extremely forward thinking in the world of hip hop music which is a side of hip hop the public does not get to hear much of because of all the crappy hip hop they have running the mainstream music system. The fact that this album is four years old and can still be a statement for hip hop as a forward thinking staple makes it all the much more relevant. This album consists mostly of 1-3 minute tracks so there are tons of songs on the album. That is also sort of the nice change for experimental music being as most experimental albums seem to consist of nothing but really long songs. Cosmogramma is very ahead of its time and should be better known about to the public than it is though it is sort of a hidden treasure definitely one for the books as far this decade has gone so far. 9.3/10.

  8. Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories)

    This album is a big album in the modern progressive rock and jazz fusion realm of music. Being released in 2012 which of course was such a short time for the world of rock music ( seeing that most rock albums I review are from either the 1960s or the 1970s.) It almost makes it seem like rock is making a form of reprise from its progressive 70s state though this album deffinitely has its rough areas. One example is it seems too negative for my tastes though I do like my angry and depressing songs I do like my moments of happiness and/or calmness. This album doesn't have much emotional and variety in style after a while which is upsetting to me for a little bit though I find that I definitely like the music on this album. Steven Wilson has got me a little confused on how I feel about this album. 7/10

  9. Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells

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    Mike Oldfield's debut for his solo career in 1973 was brought to light with the 48 minute epic Tubular Bells which is the only track on this album. This song features virtually every single instrument being played by well... Mike Oldfield. Being that he was 19 when this was put out you could definitely hear and feel the musical talent in this young man but you know things like this could become of people before things like Facebook were invented. This song features so many instruments you wouldn't be able to count on two hands and two feet all of the instruments. Things like... guitar, bass, piano, organ, drums, flute, glockenspiel, and of course tubular bells. This album shows quite a bit of variety in style from some almost 70s heavy metal like moments to sweet classical passages plus the instrumentation is to die for I mean it is some great playing coming from one single guy. This album is pretty great all around. 7.5/10

  10. Igor Stravinsky - Pierre Boulez, Orchestre National De La R.T.F.* - The Rite Of Spring (La Sacre Du Printemps)

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    On this review I'm going to just review the main entrée rather than the album itself. In 1913 Igor Stravinsky had already established himself as a genius composer he had already created two masterpieces 1910's "The Firebird Suite" as well as 1911's "Petrushka". Igor Stravinsky had already had a vision for the rite of spring in his head since the firebird but he didn't start actually working on it until after Petrushka but for the next 2 years he dedicated his life to making this piece perfection. He had a vision of a sacrifice of a virgin dancing herself to death in a sort of primitive ritual. He worked off that idea for a very long time and worked extremely hard for his vision. Fast forward to May 29, 1913 they debuted this ballet piece in France and in France the audiences at the time were very picky on music and didn't like it when the music got too Avant-Garde. The song started and the opening part was so strange that the audience could not identify the instrument playing the solo cause disconcerting annoyance amongst the audience members when the ballet began it was so strange to the audience they started yelling out in the crowd and doing everything in their power to disrupt the music. The audience was so loud that the dancers couldn't hear the music and lost count making the choreographer Vaslav Nijinsky scream out the time count this caused more confusion. Stravinsky was in the audience and eventually was so fed up with the intolerably awful and out of control audience that he yelled "To hell with you all!" And stormed out of the theater. The story behind this song is equally as interesting as the song itself it inspired artists such as King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. The songs time signatures are almost ridiculous and the crazy melodies are exhilarating. This song also introduces the use of accents in the form of an almost intense beat the way seen in the second part of this song named "The Augurs Of Spring". Igor Stravinsky shows his true genius in the epic final part "The Sacrificial Dance" which is a very intense almost realistic sounding form of intensity shown through the genius instrumentation shown at the end. This song is indescribable form of masterpiece. 9.8/10

  11. Delusional Thomas - Delusional Thomas

    Last year Mac Miller dropped an EP under the alter ego of Delusional Thomas. This album is about this Delusional Thomas who is least to say a messed up individual. He mentions some very dark and messed up things that he claims to do. The tracks are a series of very short little bursts of music. The beats are awesome on this album and the lyrics are outrageous and merit worthy. This album features artists that are well known for their rhyming ability such as Earl Sweatshirt of Odd Future. Production wise this album is pretty much perfect and music wise it's got very good flows and rhyming styles. The low part is after about the first 10 minutes the EP gets a bit boring until about the last 7 minutes which is ok seeing as this EP is only 27 minutes long. All around if your into dark rap songs this is a pretty good one to listen to. 7.7/10

  12. MF Doom - MM..Food

    Being that I am really new back into underground Hip-Hop I thought it time to do some MF Doom. This is MF Doom's second full length album released in 2004, 5 years after Operation: Doomsday. This album takes styles of funk, soul, R&B, and old school hip hop as well as of course random superhero cartoons from the 70s and 80s. This album shows just how good at flow MF Doom is and I've got to say that I am eating his sound up! It is some of the best raps I've heard in a long time of course I did used to listen to MF Doom but it has been a while for me. Some highlights on this album include:"Beef Rapp" "Hoe Cakes" "Kon Queso" and "Kookies". Some low points if there is any is "Vomitspit" which just is my least favorite track on the album. This album is great for any underground Hip Hop fanatics or people looking for somewhere to start in the MF Doom catalog. 8.8/10

  13. Death (8) - ...For The Whole World To See

    Death was an American Proto-Punk band from Detroit that was active from around 1971-1976. The band was made up of three African American brothers who had all been playing together since they were kids. This album is the debut album release almost forty years after the band started because the band never managed to get a record due to the refusal to change their rather "edgy" name for the early 70s. Released in 2009 this is a series of remastered tapes recorded 1974. This album features six really awesome punk rock and hard rock songs. The highlights of the album are "Politicians In My Eyes" "Let The World Turn" "Keep On Knockin" and "Rock And Roll Victim". There aren't really any low points on this album being that it is six highlight tracks from this bands entire career. This album shows not only the world but probably anyone who listens to this album that not all bands get the attention they deserve and this one definitely deserved some attention. 8.9/10

  14. John Coltrane - Live At The Village Vanguard Again!

    In 1966, John Coltrane was in the prime of a new wave of jazz music that he was a driving force in. Free Jazz is the notion of pretty much just play whatever the f**k you wanna and people will listen. This album contains three live tracks. The first is the 15 minute spiritual sort of love song "Naima". This song is very good up until Pharoah Sanders kicks in his tenor saxophone solo... I mean his solo wasn't bad it just kinda drastically shanked the feel of the song. I mean his solo is musically genius to me I am in awe of what he does with that saxophone and it's incredible what he does with that sax. The next song is a 6 minute bass solo called "Introduction To My Favorite Things". This solo kinda loses me which is the downfall of this album. But, the next song the 20 minute version of "My Favorite Things" makes up for that by being improvisational genius in etiquette and style. John's soprano solo was masterful and so is Sanders' tenor solo as well as his mini flute solo at the end. Overall this album is quite good in a musical aspect. But when it comes to a person who isn't a musician listening to this album it may come off boring or downright atrocious sound wise since there is no structure at all to any songs on it. This album is one for the records. 8.3/10

  15. Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

    The second album by Neutral a Milk Hotel is perfection. Flawed perfection that is. It's flaw only makes it that much more beautiful because it shows it's human made. This album was released on February 10, 1998 and seems to kinda paved the way for lots of indie rock bands that are making music now. This album is claimed to be written about Anne Frank. Jeff Mangum the lead singer and songwriter has never actually confirmed this but fans seem to go with it anyways. The album starts off with the song "King Of Carrot Flowers" and carries on with "King Of Carrot Flowers pt.2&3" which is a strange song to many people but is poetic genius on the nazi idealism of that time frame with the single phrase "I Love you Jesus Christ!" not to say that loving Jesus makes you a nazi but Nazis did believe that Christianity was the ultimate religion but I digress, the albums lyrical content manages to make me enthralled and disturbed at the same time with lines like "semen stains the mountain tops" and other various vivid images that are quite disturbing. Jeff Mangum's voice to many people is either A. really bad or B. very unique and I am the latter of those two. This album just wreaks creative energy which is great. In The Aeroplane Over The Sea is just magnificent. Though to many it seems like kind of a joke piece because of the abstract style of it all. Though the abstract quality is what makes ITAOTS so damn good! 9.8/10

  16. Herbie Hancock - Head Hunters

    In 1973 Herbie Hancock gave the world this piece of art and showed the world how genius he is. This album is Jazz Rock and Funk Rock which is fundamental to the fact that this is one of the original Funk Rock albums that got mainstream attention and what a good album to give to the public. Head Hunters consists of four jam like tracks that are an experience for any listener. Some of the stuff in the longer tracks can carry on for a tad bit too long but you know who really cares if it carries on a bit you know, at least they are repeating some good parts because there are just no bad parts to this album. That's a fact. 9.7/10

  17. The Moody Blues With The London Festival Orchestra Conducted By Peter Knight (5) - Days Of Future Passed

    In 1967, The Moody Blues bestowed their second album to the general public. It was greeted with quite positive reviews because of its hybrid of psychedelic rock music which was becoming very popular at this time frame and classical music. It was considered a quite creative and intellectual pop album for its era which in a fair case for a pop album it is quite intellectual though the thing is it comes off to me as trying to be intellectual it tries to be deep just something about the lyrics and how they're very vague on any meaning. Taking an instrumental glance at the songs on this album they kinda start off with a kinda movie soundtrack sound quality and style and then each song kinda turns into a pop song or a ballad at some unsure point. My personal favorite song on the album is the afternoon or otherwise known as Tuesday Afternoon which is the longest song on the album at eight minutes long. All around this album comes off as good instrumentally though the feel of the lyrics don't apeal to me personally. 7.9/10

  18. Lowercase Noises - This Is For Our Sins

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    The eleventh release from Albuquerque artist Andy Othling guitarist of the band Archabald. Released on April 30, 2014, Lowercase Noises is the solo project of Andy's and was released right about the same time I discovered Andy on YouTube. The opening track of this album entitled "Death In A Garden" is very epic sounding and gets you pumped for what's to come. This album Andy said he was trying to focus less on his primal instrument which is his guitar and I think that he managed to work out this idea quite exquisitely. The compositions on this album are sometimes mellow, easy, sad, and very haunting in sound. I think that this album manages to use ambience as a work of beauty and elegance. The album is truly epic. 8.8/10

  19. 19

    Zs - Xe

    Zs - Xe

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    Released on January 27, 2015, this is the first official album from this year that I have reviewed and it is also the first album from this year that I have listened to. This makes me excited for this current year and what is to come from it. Zs fifth album entitled Xe is an unforgiving album like most if not all of Zs music. Zs is a trio comprised of drums, guitar, and a tenor saxophone. The musicians on this album are insanely good especially shown by the drummer who lays out these aggressive and hard moving drum lines. The guitar sounds like that of a swans song with the aggressively repetitive lines that comes off very hypnotically and when it's not really hypnotic its kinda surf rock like. The tenor sax is sort of free jazz like with these insane freak outs that I adore so much. The first three tracks on this album are very quick passing but the third song Corps is 12 minutes long and is the first truly amazing song on this album. The rest of this album which is only three tracks are magnificent. The 18 minute long closing title track is my personal favorite with this very intense groove that goes on and on and on. All around this album definitely is not for every person but those who will like it will love it. I'm feelin a 9.1/10

  20. Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly

    The third release from Kendrick Lamar the most recent since his 2012 monster Good Kid, m.A.A.d City was released on March 16, 2015. I feel like this album is the perfect way to follow his previous release . The thing about Good Kid was it was way more accessible and poppy. Not necessarily making it a bad album but it did not prepare people well for the follow up album. This album is pretty much opposite of Good Kid, m.A.A.d City. It is a lot more driven by funk and jazz music as well as more thought out and conscious lyrics. The album seems to have a lot more political insight then anything Kendrick has done before. He brings up what it is like to be black in the United States today and shows that it isn't easy to live in America and be black but, he says this in a way that isn't whiny or complaining at all. He doesn't throw statistics in your face or make it seem like all people who aren't black are guilty of mistreating black people rather that they are damaged by their people's own stereotypes getting the best of them. He has many amazing guest musicians such as Flying Lotus and Thundercat as well as George Clinton. As well as the fact that the way he thought out the structure of this album is truly genius. In the middle of this album he starts to recite this poem and each track he gets a bit further into this poem and then he will stop but each time he stops on a word that fits into the meaning of the following song. And then after all of this stuff comes out at the very end of the album we find out that all along this entire time he had been talking to Tupac Shakur. He achieved this by taking chunks of an interview that Tupac did and used them as answers to questions that he came up with. All around, this album is genius. The instrumentals are great, the lyrics are great, the meaning behind the lyrics are great, and the grand meaning to this album actually holds a very valuable opinion. I believe that Good Kid m.A.A.d City is the album for the more mainstream Hip Hop listener but this is for the Hip Hop listener who is looking for some very aware Hip Hop. Not to put down mainstream Hip Hop but pretty much any other mainstream Hip Hop artist is not creative or innovative enough to create an album as different and ground breaking as this album is. I believe this album really is probably the best album in Hip Hop of if not the decade so far at least this year. 9.7/10

  21. The Shaggs - Philosophy Of The World

    I don't know anymore... I'm not sure if this is hilarious, cute, quirky, or just out right disturbing. This album is just barely over 30 minutes long and is by far the creepiest thing ever. This band is a group of sisters that had a band form because their dad made them due to the fact that his mother who died had predicted their rise to stardom. That set aside, this album is still terrifying without knowing the story behind it. Though it is quite weird it reminds me of an all female version of Trout Mask Replica with it amount of unusual style and arrhythmic playing going on. This album leaves me feeling uncomfortable though. I just can't get passed my discomfort with the very monotone vocals that almost sound like a person who has been hypnotized into an almost zombie like state following that with the very unorthodox and wild instrumentation that is placed on here it just leaves me in a mass of discomfort and confusion. With Trout Mask Replica it takes time to understand it and that's what I thought would happen with this but every time I listen to it I feel the same and I've listened to it an awful lot of times. I try to stay open minded but I can only take so much. Give this album a try maybe you'll like it but I did not. 1.8/10

  22. Frank Zappa - Hot Rats

    Released in 1969, this is one of jazz fusions biggest and best to offer. The album is just packed with magnificent jams on it. The opening track "Peaches En Regalia" is just a great jam song and is one of the shortest tracks on the album. There are two 3 minute long tracks then a series of songs spanning usually far over the five minute mark even one song hitting the 12 minute mark and this is primarily just because of how intense the jam sessions became on these tracks. Captain Beefheart is a special guest vocalist on the song "Willie The Pimp" which his voice really fits his vocals. The songs on this album are a musicians paradise. With all of these cool jam outs it's really hard to find something wrong with this album. Anyways, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is into jazz fusion and jam rock. 9.6/10

  23. Yes - Tales From Topographic Oceans

    Released in 1973, this is one of the last true Yes albums I like. I don't like most Yes without Bruford in it but this album is still one of my favorites. This album is four tracks all around twenty minutes long and this album is kinda just excess in the strangest way possible. Yes manages to take that progressive rock complexity and make it sound just so easily laid out. My personal favorite track is "The Ancient Giants Under The Sun" which is the only song that does not break the 20 minute mark it clocks in at just 18:37 long and is so chaotic. But, that is kinda this entire album in a nutshell long winded and chaotic. Some complaints definitely could be made about this album like it is pretentious as well as excessive and over the top. I personally like it though, but another one is that people think this is nerdy therefore not listenable. I know, it's stupid but that is the world we live in people will denounce music just because it is fitting of a clique that we came up with. Anyways, this album is great for anyone who likes progressive rock that is insane. So,e similar albums is definitely Larks' Tongues In Aspic, Third, and every other over the top album in progressive rock like Brain Salad Surgery and Close To The Edge. This album is really chaotic and anyone into that idea will probably enjoy this album. 8.1/10

  24. BadBadNotGood - III

    BadBaDNotGood's third LP was released in 2014 and really showed the public exactly what I was hoping to get to experience them show the public. That jazz is still relevant and there are still albums worth listening to in jazz music. I knew BadBadNotGood had some potential to be great when I first heard them and with this release they give me assurance in my belief in them. The opener is the funky "Triangle" which is a blast to play on the drum kit and is really upbeat and cool sounding. All of the tracks on this album are really cool which is something I love and hate about this album is it's consistency to be sorta the same sounding but it's not a very major thing to me it's just kinda something that stuck out to me. Which of course there are only three musicians in the band and they definitely manage to break that same sounding box at times by adding instruments like saxophones and other jazzy instruments. BadBadNotGood definitely are showing that they are worth listening to though which is something jazz really needed an artist to listen to. Which of course they have current artists like Matana Roberts, Tyler, The Creator is getting more and more into jazz music as seen on his last release Wolf. There's Flying Lotus and Thundercat who always experiment with jazz and very many others so BadBadNotGood are among a group of musicians who are bringing a new light to jazz music and that is a very good thing to see right now in a time where music was starting to sound really boring. It's always good to see an album like this come out and help bring more people into jazz music. My only real complaint with this album is all of the songs start to sound the same after a while which isn't a very major problem. 8.1/10

  25. Deafheaven - Sunbather

    Deafheaven's second release was dropped in 2013, this album unlike their debut shows a band exploring genres of music whether it be Post-Rock, Shoegaze, Post-Punk, Black Metal, and Drone Metal. The opener "Dream House" is one of the most hard hitting tracks on the album and is 9 minutes long. The follower "Irresistible" is a short, sweet, and soft song that is only like 3 minutes long and could easily pass as a love song. The big songs on this album have these very cinematic qualities to them similar to that of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. The short songs serve as a sort of a bridge to the big epics on this album. All around, this album is GOOD but people take it as if it is pure Black Metal because that is one of the titles thrown into the many genres this album covers. Don't take this as a black metal album so much as a Post Rock album with some Black Metal qualities like wretched vocals but otherwise, it really isn't anything like your typical black metal album so don't jump into this expecting that. 8.8/10