Rarest Italian vinyl LIBRARY and SOUNDTRACKS

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updated about 1 month ago

A list of all the most sought-after and hard to find vinyl Soundtracks/Libraries present on Discogs.

  1. The Psycheground Group - Psychedelic And Underground Music

    1 For Sale from $7,752.81

    Almost impossible to find, one of the rarest Italian records ever. MONSTER.

  2. Space Craft's Men - Adventures

    This record, as almost all the records produced by Fabor/Arena compositors, was released in order to be used as soundtrack for Radio/TV programs or films. The copies weren't sold to the public and were pressed on limited quantities not distributed on the marketplace. This is what make them 'rare' and really hard to find.

  3. The Astral Dimension - Galassia M81

    1 For Sale from $168.54

    Pressed on limited edition, not distributed.